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It's a very fun, diverse school with a lot of opportunities and activities to try out. The teachers all all very nice and as long as you don't get involved with the wrong crowds, it's very safe. The school itself is also very modern in a sense and is very unique from the other high schools in PISD in my opinion. The amount of clubs is very good because there's a lot of different things to try depending on what you're interested in (ex. UNICEF, HOSA, Spanish honors society, ASL club, etc.) there's also a lot of electives so you aren't limited in the amount of classes you are able to take.
i like the fact that we have a hour long lunch where we can go to teachers for tutorials or just hang out and relieve stress work on assignments that are due eat lunch socialize anything. i feel like this is a good thing because it gives students time in their busy schedule to finish what they need to do or just blow off some steam by having fun with friends etc.
something i don’t like about this school is the counselors don’t seem very invested in helping their students.
McMillen High School offers a wonderful opportunity for dedicated, passionate, and intelligent students to shine. Surrounded by an environment of supportive and talented teachers, it was easy for me to discover my passion for biology. Depending on the courses you take, the academics at McMillen can be quite rigorous, especially for students who want to do well. There is ample opportunity for students to join clubs and organizations at McMillen; one of the benefits of being a smaller school is that it is easier to "shine" at McMillen and earn leadership or varsity fine arts/athletics positions. Principals at times can seem removed from the general student body, and communication between staff and administration is limiting in a way that oftentimes, teacher will derisively scoff at administration. Generally, though, for students, McMillen is what you make of it. It's a beautiful campus with new, updated classrooms, and if you take it seriously, you will shine there.
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McMillen High School is the stereotypical high school. There are so many opportunities to start your own club or join existing extracurriculars that colleges love. The administration could be more helpful.
I enjoy the teachers and staff, they truly care about your well-being. However, the school bathrooms and hallways are littered with trash, I've witnessed students smashing mashed potatoes on bathroom mirrors. I suppose that's the one drawback of having a 72-minute lunch, the kids take advantage of it and usually don't utilize their time wisely. It's originally structured to be a time where the students could go to tutorials and visit teachers, but I feel like it's just a time where the students can order UberEATS and goof off with their friends. Honestly, I prefer Lion's Lunch over block lunch, but the disciplinary action that the administration takes is really a joke. There are still kids who trash the place, knowing full well that they get lunch detention.
I'm not speaking for everyone, of course, the wise students who use their time wisely to have club meetings and attend tutorials are the 5% of people.
McMillen is somewhat of a good school academically you have endless opportunities but a limited number of students take them.
Lots of great organizations and clubs to be a part of, close to neighborhoods and great new style of block lunch
Mcmillen is a great school. I had an amazing expereience the two years that I was there. It's such a beautiful amd welcoming campus.
The thing I will always love most about McMillen is the beautiful campus. Many of the students there are amazing people who I felt very blessed to know. There were also some amazing teachers. However, the organization of the campus left much to be desired. During my sophomore year, we switched to having a block lunch, which sounds like a productive idea in theory, because students had more time to "do homework". Unfortunately, we found that it was considerably harder to get work done while the whole school was eating lunch than when we had a thirty minute advisory period during a four blocked lunch schedule. But overall, I truly treasure my experience at McMillen.
McMillen High School, Is an amazing School. The school is great for preparing you for college and great for preparing you for life. It is challenging but resourceful.
My English teacher has been a great help to my academics. She has encouraged in my writing, has given me constructive criticism, but most of all, she has elevated my writing level.
Before you enter the school building, they have a security camera positioned outside the building and through the intercom, you state what you are there for. We also have a series of fire drills and other drills every other month. There is a police officer stationed at our school with his own office and he does roam the halls. On health related issues, the school nurse is excellent and helps students if they're feeling ill. Overall, the health and safety of my school is wonderful.
My school provides a variety of extracurricular activities that many students participate in and enjoy.
Homecoming got the staff and students in high spirits. It was a tradition that most staff have participated in and we get to experience one that will also be carried on in the future. This life experience bonds youths and adults and will forever be in our memories.
My teachers answer our questions and help us understand more of the subject but they are also active with us; socializing, making funny comments whether it be related to the subject or not.
They've implemented one hour lunch in order for students to socialize, do homework, or go to tutorials which has been a great impact. It's clean and organized and most of the teachers teach well.
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