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McLouth is different from other schools. The teachers set out to make sure that all of their students succeed. They push them to the limits and they build off of the classes. They work to each classes strengths and work on their weaknesses. There are not very many things that should be changed other than the focus on the liberal arts in the school.
McLouth High School had several opportunities for extracurricular activities. No matter what your interests are, you can find something that you enjoy.
I think everything you could ever want in a rural school is here! I have been a student here since Kindergarten and couldn't of asked for a better experience. While all schools have their flaws, the benefits of McLouth definitely outweigh them!
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Choir and FFA are easily the best. Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Hinrichson care about their students like no one else. Those two are the teachers that helped me become myself.
Very little clubs but the ones we have are good. Parents seem to be involved but are involved only for their kids.
There are lots of good teachers. Mr. Kuckleman and Mrs. Walker are amazing. There is also some teachers that made me loathe school. The principal also feels the need to go on every field trip. Subsitute teachers are at the school more than she is.
The bullying at this school is not often, but when it does happen not many things go to punish who is being the bully. Other than that, we have a school nurse who is here half the day, and locked doors at all times. In order to get in the building, you have to ring a door bell and have the secretaties in the school let you in.
There are limited club and extracurricular opportunites because this school is so small, but the ones we have are very good. We have administration support, and we plan and do events that are fun for everyone. Everyone who is in a club is very committed to that club, and if they are in multiple clubs, they are comitted to each club.
Comparing this school to my old high school, I would always pick this school as my favorite. My last school was too big and much to competitive for me. You had to look or act a certain way to feel accepted. Moving to this school was the best decision I have made in my life so far. This school is much smaller than my last, which for me makes it easier to succeed and get what I need done to further my education.
Most of the teachers are very interested and devoted to help students meet their goals, others not so much. Some teachers believe they are higher than the students, and if the student does not know what they know, that it is the students fault and they should not be accountable to help them.
The teachers at McLouth High School are always there to help students. They rarely let anyone fall behind.
Safety is an upmost concern at McLouth High School.
There are alot of fun and exciting extracurriculars for students to get involved in at McLouth High School.
I believe the disciplinary procedures tend to be a little soft. I do not think some punishments are harsh enough.
McLouth High School is unique because the teachers actually care about how you do. If they notice you are struggling in a subject they will come help you before you even ask.
Students at McLouth High School do not always get much to eat at school due to health restrictions.
The athletic enviroment is beyond impecable at McLouth High School. Although we may not always have a winning teams students and the McLouth community are always supportive.
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