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Worst school I've ever been to. Teachers are horrible and so are the students. Mold and no air conditioning in the buildings. Some ceiling panels were missing in the classroom and the instillation was floating everywhere. Plus, the textbooks are outdated and were from 2006. The lunch people were the only good workers there as well as the librarian. The best teachers even left the school as well.
My experience at Mcloughlin was very memorable. It was a comfortable environment to learn and I enjoyed the faculty and fellow students. Even if the conditions weren't ideal, my teachers still strived to make sure I left there with the necessary skills to succeed in life. If I could make any drastic changes, I would focus on improving the buildings quality, for example having air conditioning or fixing the roof so it doesn't leak when it rains out.
I loved Mac-Hi! Everywhere I went, teachers smiled. Everyone knew each other's names and it was such a tight knit community.
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I’ve had great teachers but McLoughlin has a reputation of not being able to keep their teachers. Almost all of my teachers have left the school
During my entire high school career, I have been at the same high school. I have been able to know it pretty well. My time there has been enjoyable for the most part. I find all the teachers I have had to be very good teachers and very dedicated to their students. The administration however could use some improvement because they have implemented some rather pointless reforms. I also think they need to implement something to help students earn more college credit. Some of our neighboring school have programs such as Running Start that really help out their students and I feel that students at McLoughlin are at a disadvantage because of it. Besides that, I feel this is a great school.
One of the positives of this school is the teachers, they are the people that help you most when you need help with a situation. One of the disadvantages to this school would be the administration because they don't fix problems that need to be addressed such as outdated books and lacking equipment in classrooms such as science classrooms.
This is a really cool school. There are 510 students in this school. The teachers and all the staff is really nice to all the students. Counclers, Principal, and all other teachers are very helpful to every student.
Every thing for me here is good and acceptable. Scheduling process, workload, and other things all are good.
All the students are good to each other and there is no discrimination on any base like sex, religion, country and stuff like that.
There are many clubs at this school and they are pretty good. There are some after school activities like games and all that stuff.
I liked this school and the way teachers teach the students. The teachers are very familiar with their students and teachers also help the students in their classes and after classes a lot. I like some students really do hard work for good grades and a good result.
The teachers are really good and nice for me and all other students in this school. If a student ask them anything about study, then they give the answers pretty good and knowledgeable. They always respect their students and all other teachers. They are really friendly with almost all the students. They understand the students and try to do their best in the school.
there are opportunities but no information is really given and it would be surprising if the program actually lasted a school year
I enjoyed all my math and science teachers, which is why I believe they are the reasons I am pursuing an engineering major and they have helped me in and out the class supportively. My time athletically I enjoyed every moment. I played on the mens soccer team, and the coaching staff was great. I chose not sure because I was not entirely sure what I would choose, but I would honestly would take the chance to go again because the school shaped me into the person I am today.
There were some teachers that did want their students to not only pass their class, graduate, and succeed in life. Though most just wanted the students to just pass the class so they can go on and hurry out the school
It's been fun and I'll remember my experiences forever.
They're alright sometimes. Depends on the teacher/ subject.
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We really don't have anything here. We just have to trust each other.
Not much to do. There are more clubs than when I started.
Lots of things could be better. The school is trying to create a better learning environment but is not doing so well.
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