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I liked Mcloud, because it is a small town and everyone knows everyone. I would like to see the culture change and see more people become friends. Although it was a small town it was bad, because you also knew to much of people’s business. I’d like to see more people try new things, new clubs, and try to make new friends as much as possible. They also need to think more about the students opinions and actually let the students know that they have an opinion just like the teachers. I think they should have more school sponsored activities, so it can really get the students involved.
This highschool is poo to average. The administration is so bad we had seniors not able to graduate because they screwed up credits. I would never send your children here if you want them to get a decent education.
I really like the small town feel of McLoud. I am not really impressed with the counselor at McLoud High School. It was tough getting information during a very important year.
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my son graduated with honors - hes doing fine in college -they just need more teachers -its a small country school -i would love to see them expand and not just in sports
The Mcloud High School is still in the process of figuring out a lot on new changes like administration and teachers along with coaches.
Great academics if the student is self-motivated; kind and helpful teachers. Could improve with more clubs, sports, and activities.
I have gone to McLoud High School my whole life and love it. We are a small town and school, but have a strong bond within our school.
Mcloud high school is a small and a little bit in the middle of nowhere but I can not imagine going to another school. The treachers are amazing and really care bout each student. We can get one-on-one with the teachers which is nice. They could improve with more advanced classes and better sports programs. We have athletes just enough money or coaches for us to strive.
I would say that I would go back to this school again. It was this place that made me who I am today. The teachers weren't bad at all. Some of the students were okay, not all. My classes were small, so there wasn't much things or a lot of students to distract us. My first year here was in a block schedule. It changed once I became a sophomore. throughout my years in this high school, I can say that I spent a lot of time with people that cared for me, and my potential. There were only a few teachers that stuck out to me and made an improvement on my life
They are able to work with students to get them what they need academically.
I hate this school. I've begged my parents for years to move me, I'm a smart kid being deprived of education, some of the tachers(coaches) probably have lower iq's and knowledge in the subject they teach than I do. I would never go to mcloud if I had the choice
I've never tasted worse food in my life, my whole high school career i haven't eaten in there. Before high school I did though.
The principal is only there to get onto you, if you aren't getting in trouble your not talking to the principal, the only person I really respect at the school on the staff is Mrs.Moody the counselor, she is great. I can't say the same for anyone else there, to get to the counselor you have to talk to a lady who literally won't acknowledge your presence if it's not in the best of her interest.
The teaching staff mainly consists of coaches who just do bare minimum for a paycheck rather than have the job in order to spread knowledge, I have good relationships with all of my teachers but very few of them know as much as they should about the subject they teach.
The extracurriculars are not very high quality in the few options offered by the school. I don't think the school spends enough on any clubs or any extracurricular activity except sports, mainly football, baseball, and wrestling. If your in any other extracurricular it's simply to waste time for no benefit.
There are numerous clubs or organizations at this school
There are a lot of segregated groups at this school. Sometimes it is extremely hard to fit in.
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I don't have much to say on this subject, the football team and field get the most support. Which means that they get the most funds
It is an okay school, if I had a choice to do it all over again I would choose a different school. The staffing is tolerable but they do show favoritism towards the students and the athletes. What I did like was the option to go off campus for lunch yet that leads to students having the opportunity to be promiscuous off of campus. Which leads to teen pregnancy, which is also a high risk at this school.
The food is mainly fried, full of carbs, and just not healthy at all. They have what is called pizza Fridays. Most days they don't offer a salad bar. Most students go off campus to eat lunch though, most of them go to the sonic down the road from the school.
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