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I like that my school is very active in our community and we all count on one another to make our school more successful. I would like to see our school grow and become more integrated with more ethnicity.
Its a great school, but I would like to have theatre
I love to play sports and we have all played together since 1st grade. I just wish there were more.
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Bullying is laughed at. Nobody thinks it is real.
The sports that they do have are really good. Just wish there were more options.
I love the people and it is better now than in middle school. But the administration needs a change before the school can change.
Cannot get an answer to do anything without going through a legal so called person. The things we used to do that made this school great we are now forbidden to do because of possible liability.
The teachers need younger more advanced in technology.
I wish more electives were offered.
There was only one counselor that had to provide services for K - 12 grade. This made it very difficult to schedule a time and receive the desired amount of time needed for high school students looking into colleges. A few high school teachers stepped up to help students with college applications, tutoring, and preparing for the next step after high school.
The extracurricular activities were not vast, but the advisors involved were extremely dedicated to their students. Most of the clubs were student government with community service orientated.
A few of the teachers went beyond their syllabus to give the students a wonderful real world experience. The rest of the teachers were overworked because they taught multiple classes other than their speciality. As a result, they had a hard time focus on the student's individual needs.
Coming from a very small rural community, there was little chance for diversity. Most students were related to each other to some degree. For student involvement there was no "happy medium"; students were either heavily involved or not. Student acceptance was narrow minded. The community did not have much exposure to diversity, so they were never sure how to act around someone completely different from their culture.
I was one of the very,very few that moved away from home. Majority of students went to the local community college or directly to the oil field. I really did not feel like I was prepared to enter into the private liberal arts environment. In the beginning, I struggled for a few weeks before I was able to catch up to the academic level of my peers. A student moving 14 hours away from home was considered exciting for the faculty, but there was not much help/support. I really had to push to have all my information and transcripts sent.
We never had a school nurse, but we had a science teacher that use to work in the medical field. She would give us a general overview of what illness students presented and advice if students should go home or not. We had a few threats and disturbances against and on campus, but the school was well rehearsed on what the policies to protect students. We had a security system on all buildings that required people have an electronic key card to enter the building. This greatly provided students with comfort knowing that they were safe.
The school was beneficial as it gave me a direction and goals for my future. The school was small so the opportunity to try new things, take special classes, and educational trips was limited. The clubs was where students could really make a difference for the school and for themselves. If I had to go through high school again, I would choose a slightly larger school that could provide more learning and extracurricular activities.
The food was below average. I had a hard time finding food to eat. Unless you had a doctor's note stating the specifics of food allergies, it was rare that students had options other than what was being served. For students that are picky eaters or with food allergies is to pack your own lunch.
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The administration had strict policy to encourage students to focus on their studies. The staff upheld a strict discipline policy to help protect students and to help them learn how to properly handle problems.
The athletic opportunities are available to everyone. It is greatly encourage that everyone participate and the support from the coaches is amazing. As a result, the teams and the athletic department becomes a close family that is always there to support each individual and each other. Although it is a small school, the facilities are state of the art. Gives student athletes all the opportunities to succeed and reach their full potential.
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