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Coming from public school, this school trash. Besides the same five athletes, sports are trash (like win 1-2 games a season bad). No real diversity. AP's and honors classes are not encouraged, most students end up taking 1 or none, and end up dropping out. School only offers about 5 AP's not 12. You hear lot of ignorant and racist statements towards non-white kids. In the high school there are about 3 teachers who are really passionate, but the rest fail to be on a consistent basis. Tuition is way overpriced, does not even include lunch (horrendous), "textbooks" ($500 for "textbooks" for books that accumulate to less than$200) and etc. If you want a school that offers a challenging curriculum, diversity, and a pathway to at least a top 50 school, look somewhere else.
I would like to see everything change. mainly with the sports and activities. although, the teachers are always there to team up with you to become a better student and the class sizes seem to be fine.
McLean School is an amazing community to be a part of. We love the small classes, with caring teachers. The college counselors, administrators, and teachers are a wonderful team.
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Both of our girls attend the McLean School. Our youngest attends the Middle School and is a traditional learner. Our oldest attends the Upper School and has mild to moderate learning challenges. We love McLean's small class sizes. The girls are supported academically and socially by experienced and qualified teachers, specialist and administrators. Most importantly, McLean has a supportive and friendly environment that fosters physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. It is a place where our children are happy, thriving and can live up to their full potential.

The girls often say that “It feels like I have been here my whole life.” We have heard Mr. Saxenian say that McLean is transformative. In fact, it has been transformative and life-changing for our family.
My daughter bounded out of the car the first day I dropped her off at McLean School, eager for all that awaited her. Three years later, she still beams with excitement as she enters the school each and every day. The teachers are dedicated, the instruction is individualized, and the atmosphere is positively transformative. We couldn't be happier!
McLean's instructors do a great job of focusing on every one of their students and making time to listen to their needs and concerns. McLean's instructors do a great job of letting students know about assignments and preparing them for examinations that are to come later on in the school year. Many teachers create lesson plans that connect to college readiness. Just about every student gets enrolled into a college if they show interest. It is one of the most accommodating schools in the D.C. Metropolitan area.
Fantastic school. This school provides caring teachers, small classrooms, and multiple resources to ensure success. I can honestly say this school has made my son academically successful and socially caring. Great school. Great staff. Nice kids.
I went to Mclean for my last year and middle school and I can't honestly say it was NOT as good as everyone makes it out to be. Now a sophomore in a public high school, I realize I've been getting more help from teachers with classes of 30 kids than with the teachers that only taught 5. Not to mention the school nurses were very rude and insensitive. The tuition is ridiculous and there is NO diversity among students. Not to mention I was treated poorly more than once by staff because of my race. If you plan on sending your children to this school and they aren't white, keep looking.
There aren't health or safety issues. Sometimes it seems like certain students are able to get away with far more than others,depending on how much the administration likes them or how much their parents donate to the school. The guidance counselor for the upper school seems to not care about the students, just keeping his job.
Most of the extracurriculars just meet during lunch (except for Stage Crew, robotics, and others). A few clubs have people who are interested/passionate, but most of them are just people trying to meet the club requirement.
I love all my teachers. They truly care about each student. But, they do expect the student to put in effort and respect like they do. It is a give and take in the upper school.
This school is great for anybody with a learning disability.
The sports and extra curricular program is on the rise and is improving more and more by the day.
The school is predominantly white so if you are of another ethnic group that helps because they pay for diversity and jus the yourself.
Its okay, though the school is so small that it seems to stunt some people socially.
I believe the curriculum, scheduling process and academic was competitive as its counter partners in the area of all the other school.
The school building was relatively small school. Bit, it was clean and accessible. The school offered technology to all students. College prep courses were offered for additional fees. They were plenty of parent involvement.
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The food ws mostly catered. Therefore, it is was pretty good food options.
i think the school has a vaiety of clubs that yo can participate. Students can easily create thier own club and find teachers to help sponsor the club which I think it is a oretty cool idea. Students had many options to participate in clubs as well as organizations. The adminstration supported allstudents to be involved in school as well as out of school.
I feel that Mc Lean prepared me as well as it could for college. I was able to hold my own and not really have major difficulties in my classes. I found my classes were challenging but not too the point that I was not able to feel well equipped. Another aspect of my high schoolis that they teach their students how to advocate well for themselves. I think that is very important for all freshmen students to be able to seek support form their professor if needed and if you are not in the practice to ask your teacher for that help then it is easily to fall behind.
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