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The education system implemented at McLean High School is very advanced and teaches students how to be self-directed learners. Overall I felt well-prepared for college and am grateful for the facility and staff at McLean high school. They truly put the time and effort into teaching their students and helping them reach full potential.
While academically rigorous, the school climate is incredibly toxic. The local parents are infamous for either creating incredible amounts of pressure connected to sports and college or being completely apathetic, caring little for what the kids do. The sports are terrible, but the arts excel and are on the whole much more uplifting and supportive. The school is worth attending if one gets involved in theatre or band and focuses on taking lots of AP classes.
McLean's teachers are very dedicated to helping their students. The school has made a serious effort to improve the appearance of the interior of the school and the quality of the athletic equipment. Additionally, its strives to offer as many different courses as possible to cater to students' diverse tastes.
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Great field and basketball court as well as teachers who care, but the chemistry department is somewhat lacking as is the spanish a bit. Math and science is great. Administration supports students the arts and sports
McLean High School, although large, has a way of making you feel like you have at least one connection with someone at any time, whether it be a teacher, friend or other adult. There are a huge amount of resources and devoted counselors who will help you find a future. In addition to them, most, if not all of he teachers are very welcoming. Anyone who goes there will always have someone.
Mclean is very good for preparing you for college, however the acedemic pressure that is put on you to achieve is suffocating. I have made great friends and most of my teachers have been adequate.
Things could be improved but I had an alright experience overall. I really appreciated the teachers there.
McLean is pretty good academically but since it is centered in such a competitive area of northern VA the students are always stressed. I would like to see more mental health consideration and teachers being more available after school, etc.
I love the people at McLean High School and the teachers really bond with their students. We just lack a ton of school spirit. Other than that though, excellent learning environment.
A very academics-oriented school. Students take good care in their studies and are competitive. Many extracurricular activities as well. Teachers available after school. However, school food isn't all that great, and the school favors some clubs/sports (football, band) over others.
McLean is academically challenging and full of passionate, dedicated staff members who positively impact their students greatly. I learned an immeasurable amount in my four years there and met some of the best people I know. That said, because McLean is so high achieving there is an intense and unreasonable amount of pressure placed on students and an unforgiving academic culture that can teach students to equate their grades to their self-worth. Also, the administration tends to give more money to sports (many of which are consistently unsuccessful) while other activities (debate, performing arts, etc.) are far more successful, yet far less funded.
The academics here are top notch, as well as the people that come here. A lot of people go to UVA every year, and fewer but still many go to even better private schools. There's little diversity - it's majority white and asian. The food is probably comparable to all other public schools. In recent years, there's been a trend of good teachers leaving due to low salary. Furthermore, the administration put in a lot of money in sports teams that don't win and make students pay fee for each club he/she attends as well as each AP test he/she takes.
McLean was an amazing school. The education I received there and college preparedness was through the roof. They even had a college counselor that made sure ever senior was helped with their post high school plans. The only downfall is that it is a very competitive environment and I do not think that is the healthiest thing for high school students. I knew so many kids, who were sleeping and eating properly. I feel like taking care of one's physical and mental well being, is something that should be taught at McLean. Also, there is a huge lack of diversity. Being a minority myself, I never completely "fit in."
McLean is a very good academic school with lots of resources to prepare its students for college despite not having the newest facilities and being overpopulated.
It's quite easy to meet people who have similar interests to you. It is a friendly environment and also has a friendly competition. Very diverse and people are easy to talk to.
Fantastic administration that really supports their students and allows them to pursue their interests. Most teachers are great and give you the resources to succeed.
I like the classes offered and the diversity of the school. Most of the teachers are very understanding, but some are a bit intimidating.
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I love the people and teachers.Majority of them are very friendly. The only thing that needs to change is the food because it is terrible
I felt that while I got a great education, which prepared me for college, the teachers and administrators did not always do everything with the best interest of their students in mind. Overall, the relationship between the faculty and student body was disappointing.
McLean has been a great place to learn and make friends. Administration is wonderful, teachers are prepared to teach and care about their students, and athletics department members and coaches sacrifice a great amount for their work. Without McLean, I wouldn't be the student that I am today.
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