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The thing I liked about my high school was the friendships with not only my peers but with teachers. Most teachers I had were friendly and still taught me a lot! Another thing I liked was how much the school cared about my ACT score. We had several opportunities to work on improving our scores during school hours. Some things I would like to see change would be stricter punishment to students who break the rules. AEP is too lenient and does not get the point across. Overall my high school was pretty good.
I'm a senior, and there are some things that im not a fan of, but I wouldn't want to go to any other high school.
I liked the small school setting, so each student is not just a number. The downside is they like to hire people within the community, so they don’t always get the best person for the job.
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The teachers are nice, but there is not a good system in place to make sure you are doing what you should be doing to get into college.
McLean County is a great school system and a great place to grow up. Close community and a very safe school system.
McLean county is Very small, about 500 students roughly. Everybody knows everybody. A very friendly environment. The teachers all know one another so it gives a very comfortable, homey type of vibe. Our school spirit is through the roof, and we care a lot about our school culture. The teachers and guidance make sure students are college ready and know what their getting into out of high school, and into the real world.
McLean County High School is a very excellent public school. The teachers are very student-based and like to see their students succeed.
Overall, MCHS is a great school. The small community helps students to really get involved and have more one-on-one time with teachers, for their benefit.
One of the few things that I liked about attending McLean County High School was the small amount of students in each class. It was a sense of security knowing that everyone in the building knew who you were. One thing that I would change about McLean County is the teachers. Several of the teachers at this school are formal students therefore they aren't held to the same standard as the other teachers.
McLean County High School is a wonderful school that provides a great stundent experience. The administration is very friendly and extremely helpful. Each teacher has a unique technique to teaching. They try to teach each student individual. I felt as if they gave me the ultimate learning experience as well. I passed all my classes with ease due to the help I received. Even my classmates worked well together. Since we have a small number of students everyone gets to know each other. McLean County High School makes their students education their first priority. The only thing that possibly be improved is the amount of class opportunities offered. Overall, McLean County High School is a great school.
Students can pretty much walk out of the school whenever they want.
There are multiple clubs people can join including, FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, CAD, and honors society.
there are always parents who do no care about their kids grades.
Some are very helpful, others not so much. The ones who are are the ones who will help anyone.
Students are singled out for learning disabilities. Coaches use divisive tactics and belittle athletes, also are not truthful to students or parents. For a small county high school where everyone knows everyone favoritism is pathetic from the class room to athletics. If another school was an option, child wouldn't be going here. School is ranked 160th in Kentucky.
It's not very fun or interesting ever. It's hard to learn anything because it's so boring. There are very few good teachers that actually do their job well, most make me want to drop out.
I wish we used more technology like other schools
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I wish the counselor was more helpful
Some sports are funded more than others.
Sometimes it is cold and gross. I bring my lunch now.
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