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It's like family. Teachers really care about your education and about you personally. They go above and beyond what is expected. Love this school! Go Tigers!
The principals, Mrs. Crosetti, Mr. Atkins, and Mr. Lewis have made a huge impact on this school! Ms. Nelson is a great addition to administration. They are "all in" and both the students and parents have noticed. They care about the students and it shows. The teachers are top-notch. The counselors will help in any way they can to get the courses a student needs, even if they have to go through a different avenue. Dealing with construction and traffic has been very smooth, even on the very first day. The effort that the administration, faculty, and staff have put in to make this school year (2018-2019) the best it can be if very noticeable. Love this school! I wouldn't want my children to be anywhere else in the district!
It's a small school so everyone knows each other. The teachers are very friendly. School needs more funding. Also academics aren't the best and some teachers don't always teach.
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McLaurin High School is a great school with teachers and administrators that care about their students and want to see them succeed. The school is more like a family than a school. Almost everyone is ready to help you if you need it.
McLaurin is a terrible school that really needs to be shut down. This school does not prepare their students for college nor do they have the materials, teachers, or resources that most Rankin County schools have. I graduated a few years from this school and I am embarrassed to say I graduated there because 10% of my class actually went to college and finished. McLaurin’s staff are only concerned about themselves and they only expect their students to graduate and then start work.
Mclaurin is a very close knit community, but lacks the funding necessary to allow their students to flourish.
I graduated from McLaurin High School this past school year. It was the most warming school environment that a child could ever want to be in.
I sincerely love McLaurin High School. Everyone is so kind, and we all treat each other like family. One thing I would like to see change about McLaurin is for us to get a new school to help divide the junior high kids and high school kids.
The school overall has many issues. First of all it needs to be rebuilt because the foundation of the school is not the best. Second of all there is a lot of drug issues involved in the school.
All the academic programs are excellent. They always make sure every student's needs are met.
All sports are great. No matter win or lose we still have tiger spirit.
There are a lot of things that can be done to help better this school.
The teachers are very acceptable in my eyes. They always make sure the students understand the material before moving on.
entire school staff is open to parents and ideas of how to better the enviroment for the children. Kids now have computers to take home and use homework is minimal but testing and classroom study guides still need work.
all three of our kids are involved in after school activities, basketball, soccer, cheer and golf.
Teachers are in hard postion they try and gear the kids to be focused but the parents also have to be involved. We have open communitcation and email or text weekly to check on our kids
Children do not see the anti-bully club as helpful and most are to ashamed to join or use the resources
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Parents are to involved with themselves, the kids suffer because of lack of interest and the County regularly gives BIG money to other schools and only give minor repairs attention for this school.
The discipline here is okay. It has a lot to do with if the teachers like the students or not.
We do not have many school support or fans. The sports are okay, but they could be better.
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