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I liked how all the classrooms were organized, if I could change something about the school it would be the way of culture needed. Majority of mclaughlin students are native american. We need to bring our language back and our traditional ways, by singing the sacred songs. I suggest monday morning group up, k-12 will all gather and pray and announce all the daily school announcements like sports, birthdays, lunch, any social events that are going on.
If could do it all over again, I'd still choose to go McLaughlin. From kindergarten to my senior year, I've made friends near and dear to my heart. I also have fond memories of the school that I wouldn't trade for anything. Some of the teachers and staff were like mentors to me and taught me a lot more than just education.
The education at McLaughlin was the best you can can ask for, however some teachers just seem give more than others. While some teachers go above and beyond to help their students but some teachers don't seem to really care to help at all. I wish there was more clubs or after school activities to engage in. Still despite those minor flaws, McLaughlin is still a great school for learning and growing.
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When it comes to bullying I don't feel safe at all. There is so little that the school does to prevent bullying. The security gaurds are always either by the front door or they are monitoring the hallways. Our bags are searched and we walk through a metal detector and are wanded every morning when entering the building. The school nurse has to come between schools so she has a set schedule on when she is in the building. There is not always someone on duty however which makes a lot of parents uneasy in the case of an emergency.
My overall experience in high school was pretty average. I had a lot of drama come my way. I was bullied a lot and nothing was done to stop it. I was and still am gossiped about but I have the right friends to keep me upbeat and happy. Right now the only thing on my mind is graduation. It's approximately a month away and I couldn't be happier. Most people tell me that I'll miss high school once I'm done, but I know for a fact that I will not miss it one bit.
I no longer eat lunches at the school because the food either isn't healthy at all or the servings are very poor. I have a high metabolism and when I don't get enough food throughout the day I get sick. I go home to eat lunch and I am only given about 20 minutes to a half hour to go home, eat, and come back.

My peers have said that the food hasn't gotten any better than it was. They are all still hungry when they come back. Our high school and our cafeteria are also in different buildings so the high school/middle school students have to walk outside year round in order to go eat.
For the most part our administration is decent but it could be way better. We have not had a good foundation at all while I have been in high school. We have had a different principal every year, we have also had at least 3 different superintendents. Last year was a terrible year. The students were being bullied by members of the staff and when it was taken to the school board nothing was done to address it. There is also bullying going on within the students but the counselor is the only one that seems interested in putting a stop to it. Our guidance counselor is amazing when it comes to anything. As well as our office staff. Our secretary is just as helpful as the couselor which in our case is more helpful than the principal. The discipline within our school is also a joke. The students will repeatedly get in trouble for the same thing because they know that nothing will be done to stop them. Our attendence is also very low. We have a small number of students and we're lucky if we get maybe half of them here 3 days a week. We also only have 4 day school weeks which prevents the students from learning anything. They can be taught something on Monday, catch on by Thursday and forget what they were doing by the following Monday. It's a constant mess in our school all around.
The only sport that receives excellent recognition by the school is basketball. The track team, football team, golf team, cross country team, and wrestling team receive very little recognition for their awards. I was a big part in re establishing the cheer team at my school this year and we practiced in a hallway. We could not have use of either of the gyms because they were both being used for basketball practices and the cafeteria was used for wrestling practice. Our basketball teams also recieve new gear almost every year, but I have only seen new gear come into the other sports maybe once in my high school career.
There is very little for the students at my school to do besides join sports. Even though there are a decent number of sports available, nobody really has the motivation to join. Our track team for example can start with roughly 30 kids and by the end of the season there are about 10 if we're lucky. The only activity that lots of people are interested in is basketball which takes up most of the funding. The basketball team receives new gear almost every year but i have only seen other sports receive new gear maybe once during my high school career. Our school surrounds basketball, but there is nothing else for the kids to do. There are no after school clubs that the kids can join if they don't want to join a sport. They come to school, sit there for eight hours, and go home unless they are in a sport. There is no variety for the kids to choose from, and I understand what they're saying when they say that school is boring.
Even with the lack of sports in the school we surprisingly still had a very good fan base. The gym would always be packed at our basketball games and the crowd always intense and loud. We had a well known school spirit, taking spirit buses to big district and regional basketball games. The facilities were always in good condition and the locker rooms as well. The fitness room however seemed a little crowded with the equipment, they definitely needed an expansion.
The administration staff was not too bad at all. We went through a lot of principals and I found that to be a little on the downside though. But other than that they all had much respect for the workplace they were in. I was very close to the guidance counselors and a lot of the staff.
My graduating year I had pretty great teachers, I just struggled a bit because we would usually have a different teacher each year. It was consistent, the school would hire a different teacher for the same subject every year. So it sucked not seeing some of the teachers we had connections with the next year. But I'll tell you one, the teachers we did have definitely were knowledgeable in the subjects they taught. They all really cared for us and commuted great with us.
I actually enjoyed going to school. Seeing my friends everyday and passing my classes with ease because of how interesting it was. Cant really think of a bad moment because I got along with everybody. I watched the school grow from my middle school year up to the moment they demolished the old high school and built a new one. I enjoyed the sports I played and the friends I made. The only bad thing I can think of is the lack of quality and quantity of food. There are some days I loved it and some not so much. But cant complain too much because it was free food. I would definitely do it all over again with the same graduating class. I believe our class was one to put in the books because everyone was athletes and everyone had a relationship with each other.
Not very many clubs are available at this school. Mostly just Student Council, the school is rarely small so they wouldn't have very many participants anyway because most of them are in a sport activity. They only sports available here are boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, football, cross country, track and field, and golf.
McLaughlin High School is a pretty safe school I would say. Don't get me wrong, there are moments when a fight or 2 would break out but that is life. Especially with the hormones raging through these young teenagers. The nurse is real helpful and so is the staff. Its a healthy school that no longer requires pop machines, etc..
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