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When I first got to mclane there was not much importance of trying to get students involved but now we have a new principal and with his guidance I have seen mclane Change. These changes have been rewarding students with good grades, ensuring attendance, and truly encouragement students to join a club or sport. This year I’m in three different clubs because the staff encouraged me.
McLane High School is a really good school for kids to go to. IT has great staff that takes care of kids that are in need. McLane has really good sports that anybody can join. Plus they have everything for kids to be involved like sports and Clubs.
McLane High School is an overall great school! The diversity is a large range with excellent school spirit! One thing Mclane High School lacks in is it's academics. Most AP courses DO NOT get you ready with the skills you need for the AP test or SAT. We feel very unprepared which leads us to just not try at all on it. This affect our college applications due to lack of education on certain criteria. There is, though, a handful of teachers that go to the extreme for you in order to pass.
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It allowed me to have the best High school experience while allowing me to focus on my education. The teachers knew what they where teaching and made a fun environment where I was allowed to learn. They where very understanding.
What I liked about Mclane High school is the people I met in the school and the sports programs there. What I would like to see change is the amount of students who have disciplinary problems at the school.
My experience has been wonderful ice attended this high school all 4 years and I wouldn't change a thing about it. The staff is amazing and make you feel welcomed and they are very much interested inn the success of the students. They have a lot of good clubs, school events and activities!
I’ve been at Mclane for 4 years now and my experience has been great. The staff are all great people they want their best for their students and they push us to work more on our education. One thing I like is the fact that we are all in this together no matter if we have a different religion or a different race we always find a way to communicate with one another. One thing I would like to change is our environment or the way we represent our selfs. We are often referred to as the “ ghetto “ school and I’m sick of people labeling us in that way when we are truly not. We as students need to change the way people think of us and apply good, positive, encouraging aspects of McLane.
McLane offers many pathways and great opportunities for their students. I would change that they would announce or express the importance for getting good grades and volunteer work.
Its a great place and I love it im really going to miss all the teachers there because they have really help me a lot
Mclane high school carries a friendly environment which makes you feel welcome and part of the school.
McLane high school is a great school. People believe that this school is bad because of the reputation that was given to this school. In fact, through my years at McLane I realized that this is probably one if the best schools I've been in. The teachers here are dedicated to help the students achieve their goals and help seniors like me to find opportunities in both our career and life paths. There are many talented, intelligent, unique students there that could make a difference in this world but don't get the same opportunities in life and school as others do. But the fact is we don't give up, we actually push harder and are more motivated to achieve our goals. McLane is a great school with incredible students, supportive staff, teachers and administrators and excellent councelors who motivate us and remind us that we can achieve anything in life and we are great students.
McLane High School always gets overlooked as amazing. While so many great things are going on from inside our school, no one gets to see it because of false words that are spoken about McLane. McLane High School is much more than just a high school. Everyday something is constantly changing and bettering my school and it always starts with the students. As much as people won't say this about McLane, we are actually really good kids, with the exceptions of a few kids who act out from time to time. Substitutes like coming to McLane because the majority of us are extremely chill and laid back. No one gets to see that though because they're stuck on the past when McLane wasn't at its best. Well now it is and it deserves the all the positive recognition it will get in the future.
I moved to this school recently as a senior. Overall, the teachers I have are mostly supportive and the assignments aren't too difficult. The biggest reason why I rate this school three stars is because of the students. A lot of students smoke marijuana and ditch class. I really wish to see more staff getting involved in educating students about the consequences of their actions and to try their best to keep the school more safe. I know they try really hard but there definitely needs more improvement.
I really liked the school spirit. The type of environment there was really involving and appreciative.
McLane was a blank page personally, a new beginning the only person i knew was eldest sister and Thant's a bit embarrassing. I hated it, but with time it grew on me, I met new people. this school has a bad image that I don't think really matches how it really is, you can say all you want that its ghetto but you chose who you want to hang out with. just because you hang out with ghetto people does not mean the whole school is ghetto. the school overall is the best school I've ever attended, you learn a lot.
McLane has all kind of races, which to me makes this high school more interesting. Mixing all these cultures we got an environment that I don't see in other high schools. We learn from each other. Also, the teachers really have the ethic that everyone expects. They help us to feel the spirit of McLane.
I been going here for all four years of my high school life and I love it here! I never got involved at first and now that my senior year I joined leadership and student council, I had this much fun! I would change how people enforce the rules and try and get more of the student body to get involved in the fun events we host.
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I've now been attending McLane for the past four years. Many people comment about it saying that the school sucks. In my opinion I would say that the school isn't very interesting, but it does try to make an effort at it. I'm someone who prefers not to eat the food, but I know some people who don't mind it. From my experience, the teachers are very encouraging of students joining extracurricular activities. One con I'd have to say about this school would be that there isn't much school spirit. I believe that because of this, it causes some students to not attend school events. Another con is that the school isn't very big, which I'd prefer. The pros are that we have a bank on campus, which allows students to have automatic access to their money and we have a helpful career center. Overall, I'd say that the school isn't a school for someone who wants to be somewhere with a lot of space and spirit, but it still serves its purpose as a school.
My experience at Mclane was very good, if you keep to yourself you will stay away from others drama and focus on school.
As going through highschool, there has been many things that happened and what I've seen. Well as for me it has been good. But what i want to change in my highschool, is to be more strict and that's what i will appreciate.
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