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McKinney North High School Reviews

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I really enjoy going to McKinney North. Every day when I walk in i feel so welcomed with teachers greeting me and saying good morning. Being new my freshman year, it was really hard for me but the people here at North, it made it really easy for me to fit in. McKinney ISD revolves around kindness.
My family and I relocated from Arkansas. We found out that Arkansas is 3 years behind Texas. With much patience and hard work the teaching staff took my oldest under their wing and helped her catch up so that she will be able to graduate on time. I love this school and would recommend it to anyone looking for a positive change...
Academics are very good. Environment is very nice. School hallways can get crowded at times. School events are friendly and fun. Not very many clubs.
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McKinney north is an all-around great highschool. They have won countless awards for doing so and it is an enjoyable experience
I have attended McKinney North since I was a freshman. The teachers are super nice, they're really concerned about your education. Sports programs are awsome. I'm a two-time defending track champ at McKinney North High student. #1 High School in McKinney!
I attended McKinney North High School in my freshman year. I really enjoyed because I was on the basketball team and also did track. I really enjoyed my overall experience because I got to be a part of the school and represent in different ways. I left for my Sophmore and junior year due to not being in the district, but when i moved back i was determined to go back and complete my senior year. I really appreciated my teachers who were always there for me in whatever I needed. They were truly great and I am glad that I will be finishing up my high school years at McKinney North High School.
The environment is not bad. Most of the teachers can really help their students. Football games are a good experience for students who are looking to have fun.
I loved how everyone at the school felt like one big family! So much hate occurred at this school and the student body and community were able to bounce back from said hate and show how resilient the bulldogs can be!
Great school with options for everyone from athletics, fine art, and academic. The city of McKinney has also been rated at top place to live and raise a family. The community stands behind the McKinney ISD system and McKinney North. In times when it was the toughest the teachers and administration where there to help support all the students. McKinney North was an extended family to myself and my friends.
While only attending during my Senior year of high school, I personally found that a few of the professors their were absolutely amazing. The teachers seems to genuinely care for the students and wanted the best for them, with amazing advisers to go and see at any moment of the day whenever it was needed.
I had great experiences during my four years of high school! Although I didn't like every single one of my teachers, I liked most of them. Go dawgs!
I enjoyed the general atmosphere of McKinney North High School, as well as the opportunities and classes in which students attending the school were offered.
McKinney North is a small environment with a warm, encouraging staff. There has never been a day when I walked through the front doors that I didn't feel safe and supported. I have made so many connections and lifelong friends, and I know that the things I learned from this high school will carry me through the rest of my life.
This school has treated me like family al four years and i feel proud to graduate as a bulldog. When ever there was a problem we could go to our counselors to look for help. The teacher they hire are motivational and are always there to push the students to their best potential.
I am a student with physical disabilities and from entering the doors if McKinney North High School as a Freshman, I was welcomed and looked after all four years of high school. I have been included in clubs, sports, and was even part of The Guard Dawgs (a spirit team for football) I always felt safe going to North and the teachers have always been willing to help me out in my academic studies.
I attended McKinney North High school since the 9th grade. I'm graduating as a senior this year. I am very grateful to be graduating from such a great school. The school gives you quality education. It has amazing extracurricular activities that allow you to meet with amazing people. I am very proud of my graduating class and my school.
Mckinney north high school is a great school to be in, it's like a family in which we all help each other.
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My school is a melting pot of people from all types of backgrounds. Everyone is really friendly and accepting of people that are different. We encourage each other to stand out and be different, which is something that students transferring from other schools say is hard to find. Our teachers are constantly pushing us to be great and our administrators constantly prove to us that they care about our success.
McKinney North High School is a pretty average high school. I don't have any real complaints but it's not anything too great. Lots of the teachers are really good and others just don't care - just like any high school. Since you don't get to select which teachers you get, you just gotta take what you get.
I loved my experience at North. Not all, but a lot of the teachers you meet are very passionate and want you to succeed. I felt like I was pushed hard and given a blessed education in comparison to people I got to college with now. They have great academics, great athletics, and are overall very good.
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