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I enjoy McKinney high school very much. The teachers and staff members are very involved in the students education and are involved in their everyday lives. Many fundraisers are used every year to provide the great facilities and equipment used by students and all of the athletes
I liked that McKinney High School is a very active school. I would like to see more classes geared toward helping students figure out what they would like to do when they get out of high school.
McKinney High isn't a very good learning environment. The majority of the teachers are push overs and don't care what rowdy kids do because they don't care. Majority of the students have no respect for their peers. Sexual harassment happens all the time in the halls and it isn't seen, that or the victim doesn't know the assaulter. I have talked to many people of different race, gender, sexual orientation, and social class and most of them say that when they are harassed they don't say anything because it is so common that it almost fells as though it is a topic that doesn't matter. I also feel some of the many fights that happen are instigated over time and could have easily been prevented if an adult would have payed attention to the things being said around them. The enforcement of school policies about headphones, that don't apply to the rest of the distract, are harshly enforced even to those who have 504 that says they can have them.
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McKinney High School is a mess. Students don't care about their work and disrespect teachers. Teachers let their political views and opinions be known. The administration are racially and sexually discriminatory and the like to dust student problems under the rug to avoid dealing with serious situations. McKinney ISD is primarily focused on sports, building a stadium worth millions of dollars but refuse to deal with what's going on at school.
Very good experience at MHS! Many after school clubs and extra-curriculars to participate in, and high amounts of school spirit! Teachers are great and work hard.
McKinney High School has excellent programs that most high schools do not. With almost 3,000 people at our school, there are a ton of classes that will fill the needs of many students. The administration and teachers are the best of the best and they truly care about the students.
Mckinney High School is different from other high schools. Going into High school my freshman year I thought school would be full of groups like the “popular kids”, the “geeks”, “nerds” and other social groups that usually divide teenagers in school. But instead Mckinney high let’s us break those social groups and let’s us chose our own path.
Great teachers, good environment to learn. School is constantly being added on to to improve learning. Only problem is vaping in the bathrooms...
It was a pretty good school. All schools come with challenges but at the end of the day I've met friends who've become family to me and have met teachers that have changed my life and touched my heart in ways you can't imagine.
I really enjoyed attending McKinney High School during my four years there. Every single teacher I had was always very helpful. The teachers showed commitment, and you could see it in their eyes that they wanted to be there! Go Lions!
I have been in high school for two years now; thus far, my experience has been interesting and insightful. I've had the opportunity to learn many things from my peers who are a very diverse group. There are many things I love about the high school I attend; I'm always able to express myself in my classes, I love the diversity at McKinney High School in comparison to other surrounding schools. One thing I would like to see change is the pathway for college. The endorsement courses required to take during the four years are supposed to put you on the right track for what you may possibly want to do or study later. But most of these courses, unfortunately, do not inspire students, but instead, the teachers pass each student with as little work and knowledge required. I believe this is a huge flaw in the academic program that needs to be fixed at MHS.
When I was senior, I was struggling about college application. English teacher and counselor help my application.
McKinney High School was an amazing school. For one it was the first McKinney School. The principal my last years devoted his time to making sure we felt welcome, safe, and were doing our part. They care immensely and I can't think of a better high school.
Teachers who teach and care about the students. Long time structure in place to keep the kids in line and the day running smoothly.
Mckinney High is the original and best high school in Mckinney. All 3 of my children went to this school, and all 3 have had an excellent experience from Day 1 until Graduation!
You could not ask for better staff, many of whom have been at the school for many years. There is a nurturing, authentic family feel to this school that is very rare to find. The standard of teaching is exceptional, and teachers go out of their way to make your child's learning experience as positive an experience as possible. The Performing Arts and Athletics Departments are both very strong, and there are a myriad of additional electives to choose from, everything from media/journalism, aviation, photography, cosmetology, architecture/engineering, computer courses, and so much more! Being a part of this incredible school has been the best start to life that my children could ever have asked for, and I would strongly recommend this school to anyone moving to the coty of Mckinney.
For some reason, the roofs have holes and leak. Everytime it rains, going to my physics is like going through a maze. The social studies department is great!
I love the unique design, yet I would rather have a safe school than a pretty school. We have giant windows in each classroom which make it a danger if we were to experience a unfortunate event. The teachers are nice and easy to get along with. We had a bond in order to create an entirely new theatre facility, so the school does not just care about the sports like they do in cliche movies.
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McKinney his a great school in education and things like sports and clubs. I feel like the administration doesn't take kids or their problems seriously. It has a major safety issue. Too many entrances and not enough security. The officers at my school come to lunch and joke and laugh when they should be patrolling to make sure everything is alright. I feel unsafe at McKinney High because I feel safety is not a big concern the the administration.
My experience at McKinney High was a wild one to say the least! One thing that stood out to me the most was the teachers and parents who took the responsibility of caring, teaching, and guiding us as students. The teachers really made us feel as if we were a family and that our success was most important. I truly appreciate their support and that is what I remember the most.
The Original McKinney High School has a deep history with deep traditions. The teachers care about the success of every student no matter their background.
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