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McKinney Christian Academy Reviews

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McKinney Christian Academy is a family friendly school. I have gone to MCA for 10 years and it now feels like a home to me, as well as the people feel like family.
I love Mckinney Christian Academy because of the teachers. Every teacher is willing to help and spend one on one time with to help you achieve your goals.
It is a great school to learn about Christ and fellowship with other believers! The teachers are very kind and helpful.
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Mckinney Christian Academy has not I only affect my character, education, and relationship with Christ, but also given me the relationships that will help me throughout my life, both lifelong friends and exceptional teachers.
The teachers and staff are extremely nice, and prepare students well for their future in college. They prepared me so well, I actually was able to skip almost my entire first semester at college due to CLEP and AP testing.
I've gone here since I was in 1st grade. It is a good tightknit school, but there is little diversity and is mainly a sports school.
As long as I can remember, there has been no bullying at all at this school. We are a tight knit group of people who never fight. The campus makes me feel so secure 100% of the time. The school nurse is my favorite person here! She has helped me through so many health issues and the school is very accepting of my health problems. This school makes me feel safe.
Ever since I started school at MCA, I have seen so many random acts of kindness. For example, the first day I came to class I was very nervous and wouldn't talk to anybody. Thankfully, the kids and teachers in my classes were all so friendly and accepted me as soon as I came to class. The atmosphere here makes me feel at home. What makes this school unique is how everyone here loves God and others so much, they're always doing their best and putting their all into everything. If I had to go to any school, it would be here because I'm so loved and accepted!
The teachers at McKinney Christian Academy are the absolute best at helping students achieve their best. They always encourage each student individually and always seem to know how to motivate each of us at this school. When you ask a question, they are great at explaining the answer in thorough detail and help you figure out a way to remember the answer. The teachers here are incredibly knowledgable about be areas in which they teach and always are consistent in the grade book.
a main focus of this school is keeping the students safe through all of these situations.
all staff is very involved in maintaining good policies and rules throughout the school.
All of the coaches and team members put their all into the sports. The teachers all commit to helping in all activities that students participate in.
All the teachers are awesome and honestly put all of their hearts into the students.
We love the teachers and administrators!
We love the campus and the way the upper school is an open concept.
The admissions process was very easy.
I think the school has appropriate policies
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The campus is very safe.
Athletics, and a few organizations
Quality teachers that care about each student's success.
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