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McKinney Boyd High School Reviews

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I have had a great high school experience. I moved from a different school district, and this school, the kids and the teachers were all very warm and welcoming. I loved my years at the school.
I will be a Boyd Bronco for life! I had a phenomenal time at McKinney Boyd and cannot wait for the future! Boyd prepared me for the next step and I will be forever indebted to McKinney Boyd!
McKinney Boyd presents it's students with great opportunities to explore the fields they love, while doing it within a great environment.
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McKinney Boyd High School is one of the best high schools in the state of Texas. They have an excellent marching band program as well as wonderful teachers tailored to the unique needs of GT students. Everyone on the staff is super nice and helpful. My experience here has been fantastic!
McKinney Boyd High school is a school with a substantial amount of resources. The school has some very phenomenal teachers; some of the teachers there have such passion for the subject, compassion for the welfare of the students, and go to overwhelming lengths to impact their students positively for years to come. On the flip side, there are teachers there who are not so serious about their jobs. I have witnessed instances where these teachers have blatant disrespect for students and even violate many district and state rules. I was part of a school sports team that routinely had prayers led by the coach before games. My high school graduation was held in a mega-church, where one of the student speakers gave a speech about how dangerous it was for anyone to not consider following the gospel. As far as diversity and religious inclusion goes at McKinney Boyd, I believe there is a very long way to go.
At McKinney Boyd, I was involved in many activities and clubs, including the band. I was able to find many friends and enjoy my time here. Similar to most schools though, there was a mix of very good and very poor teachers, with most being average. When taking upper level/AP classes the teachers tend to be really good with the quality going down after that. Overall, I think that the school is good for an education and to get students ready for college.
I liked the teachers and acdemics that boyd had to offer but the culturewas not very good due to the student body
I only went to Mckinney Boyd high school for my senior year of high school. From my experience, it was a great school to for making new friends and get involved. They also prepared us well for college.
The school has plenty of resources at its disposal and AP teacher are very friendly; however, 'regular' teacher tend to have a high degree of apathy and that can be discouraging.
McKinney Boyd High School is a great school with a lot of school spirit. It's a great place to be in. McKinney Boyd has a good variety of classes, and the teachers are nice and supportive. The STEM program is great, and so is the sports, such as tennis and cross country.
I was lucky to attend such a clean and well-run school. McKinney Boyd is a large school that offers a variety of classes. I had positive experiences with most of the teachers I had there. The school has excellent art, music, and theater departments, as well as many clubs and organizations.
McKinney Boyd is pretty good. You can tell that the higher ups really want the best for the high schoolers, but sometimes it seems like they're too focused on getting students cutting edge technology than actually hiring teachers with the means to teach or ridding the school of bugs/rats.
McKinney Boyd is an excellent school, and being able to attend a good high school has been a good experience.
McKinney Boyd has many AP and honors classes available to its students, which provides us with ample opportunities to get a higher education and boost our GPA. Most of the teachers are nice and really helpful except for a select few. One thing that needs to improve is our language department because it is unorganized and has unqualified staff.
Highschoolers often lack a sense of professionalism towards real-world experiences. Luckily this school certainly prepared me for it. If you have a passion or drive for something, they'll ensure you take the courses and talk to the teachers you need to help develop that sense of passion. The overall student population are often cynical, but in an innocent, forgivable way.
Overall, my experience at McKinney Boyd was great. I was heavily involved with sports and other extracurricular activities that made my whole high school experience enjoyable. The only issue I ever experienced was with a few teachers that did not seem to be passionate about teaching, they were only hired so that they could coach a sports team, teaching was just a requirement. But aside from that, I had a wonderful experience with the students, faculty, and environment.
Many teachers were very nice and humane. You can have respectable relations with teachers and they will give the help required to do well in class.
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McKinney Boyd could be a great school if they would treat the students with the respect of an independent young adult. They want us to be independent young adults but they don't understand how to to allow us to make teenage mistakes and then learn from them. Learning from normal teenage challenges in high school is key to learning how to be a responsible adult.
My experience was good because I got to be apart of the track team and the Basketball team but I am most proud of the McKinney Boyd Engineering Club Living Roof Project.
Good school with a lot of fun electives to choose from to help you choose your dream job. The teachers are very supportive in helping figure out life.
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