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While attending this school I have learned a lot that I can take to college. It helped me prepare for my future and helped me decided on what I want to pursue in the future. There was a lot of staff members that could help me and everyone had positive attitudes
At McKinleyville High School I am actively involved in the FFA, as an FFA member I am extremely proud of how our school is respectful, and how much our program has grown. Our administration supports each and every club, and works hard to keep the students safe, and the parents involved. If a problem arises, everyone, including students, work to solve the problem. I feel that McKinleyville High is a very safe environment for me and everyone of the students that attend the school. The academics and teachers work to prepare students for college, with IB and AP classes, the students have every opportunity to succeed. The school works hard to keep the parents involved in every event, and their students lives at school. Overally, I have had an amazing experience at McKinleyville, I have always felt welcomed, and I work hard to welcome all of my peers.
The friendly teachers and close-knit community here are just a couple of the many things I love about this school. First off, I've never been in a more beautiful location. The redwood trees, mountains, and ocean are so picturesque. You'll never get tired of watching the sunsets. The class sizes are small enough to develop a great relationship with the teachers here and get the most out of your classes. Love this school!
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I liked the English department and the chemistry department because the teachers were really enthusiastic and really wanted to help us learn. I started to complete the IB Program at this high school but found that I didn't have all of the tools at the high school needed for me to succeed in it, while others were able to. Without completing the program, it is a lot harder to get college credit for courses I have taken.
McKinleyville High school is a very inclusive school that honors academic achievement, but also realizes that not everyone fits into this, and makes sure to honor all areas of achievement. The teachers and kind, helpful, and there to help you succeed.
Well, nothing super special except the teachers. Mrs. Sahlberg is the greatest teacher/counselor on the whole campus, with Mr. Klima coming in at a close second. Also the librarian Ms. Hill is amazing and sweet. Other than the amazing staff nothing else very exceptional.
McKinleyville High school has hardworking staff that work to help the student succeed. Our campus is not diverse, but is mostly inclusive of all races and LGBTQ+ members. We have the International Baccalaureate (IB) program which offers students rigorous academics; however, there are still hiccups in the program.
The teachers at Mckinleyville high school are absolutely fantastic. The majority are creative individuals that really care about the students and preparing us for university. They encourage us to share our opinions and really make connections between subjects. The drama program is hands down the best in the county. Those students really leave high school with confidence in speaking in performing and have even gone on to be in prestigious programs (such as OSF). I took 4/6 classes IB and this was my experience with those teachers, however outside of that program some teachers lack this enthusiasm and I would just say average performance. The school tends to have more conservative views and this can be suffocating at times if this disagrees with your views, and it certainly affects the culture of the school (southern themed dances, America dress up days, tense arguments in class, etc.) If you choose, can get a really spectacular education from the experienced teachers there.
McKinleyville High School has a good diverse campus, but the school involvement is not. The safety isn't the best, there was a shooter down the road and we didn't go into lockdown. The administration isn't the best and is the reason for not having school involvement. They block all of the fun exciting activities.
I like my school because a majority or the teachers are very supportive and kind, especially in the English department. The school offers the IB program which will help me get a head start when I enter college. One thing that I would like to see change is the substitutes they bring in when the teacher is ill. A majority of them are okay with cheating and overall don´t care about their job, but besides this I like my school and the environment it provides.
Overall the school has been fun, but could improve on organization. The teachers are well rounded and provide curriculum that challenges students each day.
Excellent academic programs, the teachers care about the success of each and every student. Lady athletics are politicized. Staff makes an active effort to include all students in school activities
I very much enjoyed the community that Mckinleyville High School offers its students, from the vast array of clubs to be a part of to the fun school functions. However, I would love to see more student input into making new activities for the school to participate in, that being new dances, new sports, or more lunch-time activities on campus.
McKinleyville High school has been the most welcoming experience I've had in my 17 short years. I remember my freshman self walking through the terrifying hallway and seeing the two juniors that had given me a tour of the school the previous week. Their smiles were bright and they said hello and gave me directions and I will always remember that. Those smiles quickly foreshadowed my entire high school career. Everyone at McKinleyville High School has truly been the most welcoming people I have ever came across.
McKinleyville High School pushes the IB program on high achieving students, giving them the false impression that they will not get into a good college without it. I'd prefer to see more AP courses offered instead.
I have been attending Mckinleyville High School for four years now and I have rarely ever have had a bad experience. It starts your freshman year when you are assigned 2-3 Link leaders who are upperclassmen that you can come to with any problems. You are very welcomed into the Mckinleyville Panthers family. This feeling continues through the rest of the time you are here and as you become an upperclassmen you are able to give back and take underclassmen under your "wing". This I believe is what separates Mckinleyville High School from other high schools because you are welcomed into a family from the minute you step onto the campus. You are accepted for who you are and what you believe and this is why I am honored to be graduating from Mckinleyville High School.
I love the staff that work here at the school. They are all so helpful and truly care about our overall well being and are always willing to help us learn adn achieve our goals. I don't think there is anything I would change about this school. This is a great school and I'm sure the staff and students will continue to keep it that way.
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I wish there were more higher quality classes offered at this school, where people who actually want to learn can.
People are pretty accepting of sexuality here, and there is not much peer pressure as far as trying drugs or alcohol.
Lots of options to start new clubs, many clubs do lots of fundraising and go places.
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