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McKinley Technology High School Reviews

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Its a great experience. This is a stem high school so i am able to take cyber security and computer science which is what i want to major in when i attend morehouse college. The food here is amazing i get it every morning. The teachers here are very respectable and are fun and easy to understand. The students here are fun and respectful students. I really love this school and i would want my family members to be able to come to this school. There sports department is very good to i would recommend it to many people who would like to join track and cross country.
Really like the STEM courses that Mckinley tech offers to its students and most teachers are very good at what they do. In addition, the Counselors work very hard to help students find and get internships or scholarships for college. The food, however, could use a bit of improvement.
Mckinely Technology High School is a school for students who want to succeed later on in life and the teachers make sure that success is possible for every student. This school provides excellent classes that help challenge students mind and these classes are an excellent source of college readiness. The administration policies and staff are convoluted and the overall building needs some work.
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I like the teachers and some of the staff. I like that the staff and administration would be encouraging to students. the teachers showed support and really cared for students who were excelling and/or students who were struggling. McKinley Technology High School creates a challenge for students. There is a workload that made me realize that time management is essential to stay on task with all your studies.
Prior to high school, I was a socially awkward person. I was apprehensive about the new environment, classes, and curriculum. With time, I became adapt to the routine. My school is STEM based, so it geared to my career path in medicine. I enjoy taking rigorous Biotechnology classes that allows me to manipulate living organisms to create tools that help in society. Coined as "Tech," my school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. However, I wish they would have more clubs for students who aspire to become doctors. It would be refreshing to have cultural classes as well. Overall, it is a challenging but sometimes limited learning environment.
I have a lot fun at school. There are some things that can I do not like, such as the lunch, and how some of teachers and administrators respond in certain situations, but the school culture is great!
I like the fact that mentally and physically prepare us for college. From academics , to internships and teaching us how to network. They teach us that procrastination gets you no where in life.
During my years at McKinley Technology the faculty were very helpful and caring. The teachers I had motivated me to follow the path towards my career.
Its a stem school that has create teachers and students. While the work can be rigorous its a college preparation school, so its expected. Mckinley Tech has great atheletic programs also, the track team is number one in the city, and multiple other sport teams have made it to the play offs.
McKinley Tech is a great academic school were the teachers really help the students learn about many things. They have great after school programs like sports and study abroad.
The teachers were very engaging and encouraging towards students. Students were always pushed to do their very best, which I really appreciated.
Prepares you for college incredibly. There are a lot of resources there and people that want to see you succeed at the highest level.
Its a fairly large and remote school with good people for the most part. It needs renovation and better budget monitoring/spending.
Attending Mckinley Technology High School was a great experience because it helped me grow as a person as well as a student.
McKinley Tech is a great school when it comes to all around academics. I have had a great time at McKinley for my first three years and I hope my last year is the same. The schooling environment is great as the school is almost quiet all the time and not a lot of conflict goes on. We have decent sports teams as these teams build and create friendships throughout the sport season. Then, these sports teams are even carried to workout in the summer to continue building on. Then the academics are great. The school provides a FREE education that is for getting us ready for college. Overall my experience at McKinley has been great and I wish I could do it all over.
I have been a student at McKinley Tech HS for my entire high school career. I found the school is an experience. It helps you prepare for life but the environment is not a warm welcoming one.
The STEM program is great! The teachers are very helpful and the students are great. Things that could be changed are lunch and the way the classing schedule works. Overall my experience at Mckinley has been amazing.
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McKinley Technology high school was the first time I attended a school in the DCPS. I am so happy I attended, because I was well prepared for college, met lifelong friends, and participated in clubs, events and trips that shaped me into the person I am today.
My experience at McKinley Tech High School is amazing; we get to chose our stem that we want to major in.
McKinley Tech is a school that really prepares students for college with a good STEM program that allows students to have the experience to study their major and have great internships.
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