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My experience at McKinley has overall been a great experience. The four years I have been there I learned a lot and gained a lot. Leaving is a bitter sweet moment, being able to see what else is in store for me and my future is something I can’t wait for, but leaving the school that has prepared me for it is so sad.
Mckinley Technology High School is an excellent STEM school. It provides its student to enjoy from a diverse curriculum. In this school, students are able to take many Advance Placement classes and the school's requirement motivates student to excel, thus, making them an excellent candidate to any colleges. The school is very involve in the student's academic life, they organize several event to reveal the importance in completing internships and many other things.
I liked how engaged the teachers were with the students in classes, and how dedicated they were to the success of students who tried to learn along with those who didn't really give the effort. The teaching staff went above and beyond at times, which I really loved since I was helped at times- brought out of these deep holes. The only only reason this isn't a five star review is because of the state of cleanness in the school. Some areas were known to be infested with mice and rats, making some students anxious.
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What I like about Mckinley is my teachers. They actually care about me and they never give up on me even when I want to give up. They are also available if I need help after school and they don't make the lesson so boring.
McKinley is a very high academic school which pushes you to become a better student. Like any other school they have there flaws which can be a turn-off for most people.
I love McKinley Tech, I have learned a lot and STEM is the best. I would like to see a change in sports and food. I feel like we should be able to go off 'campus' for food. Lunch sucks, only thing good is salad and pizza. I would like to see a change in that. From my 9-11 grade year I have like McKinley more and more. At first I never wanted to go because I went to the middle school.
McKinley is a great STEM school. It's one of the best schools in the DC area and offers tremendous opportunities for our future generations. The teachers and administrators are actively involved in the success of the children and are huge in guiding the in the right direction!
McKinley Tech was a STEM based school. My stem was Engineering and I loved that class because we were able to work on a lot of hands on projects. McKinley tech got students prepared for college by making it mandatory for seniors to finish a senior project for their stem class just like colleges do with major classes. One thing about McKinley tech that I did not like was dress code because it was very hard to find grey pants for a female.
I enjoy the engineering class and how the teachers make learning easier because we engage in fun activities.
Good atmosphere to thrive academically and pursue your goals. An excellent blend of culture as I get to know about people from other countries by having a healthy and educative discussion with some my colleagues who are citizens of other countries. Overall, staffs are friendly and help us to remain focused in attaining our goals.
McKinley Technology High School is an amazing school where I was surround by people that enjoyed my company and well being.
what i like about McKinley tech high school that there are good relationships between students and teachers. they also do there best to try and prepare their student for college. what i would like to see change of get developed is the school building.
McKinley Technology High School is in the top 3 of best schools in DC. This school has helped prepare me and many of my peers for the work and college life. While many people were going home to watch tv, my classmates and I were going home to do homework. This school requires you to take 3 AP classes and this can help with college credits. Moreover, if you love STEM this school is for you because it is a STEM based high school.
Starting off at McKinley Tech was a challenge. After while I started to adapt to my environment and realized how people around me were preparing me for my future education in college.
One thing I admired about McKinley was the STEM program that the school has that enabled students to get a start on what career they choose to pursue. It give students, such as myself, the opportunity to take a grand view on what is to be expected in regards to the engineering field. There is an immense amount of steps to take to ensure the completion of an engineering project and McKinley Tech has given evident insight. However, one thing I would alter is the reliability of some resources of the school. The lack in resources disables students from projects and sometimes proves to be of a hinderance toward academics. On the other hand, this allows for students to discover other innovative way to get the work load complete.
Great experience of college preparation and rigorous academics.

The biotechnology program and courses offered are very good for exposure to the medical and biomedical fields.
It was a great experience. The classes and teacher were challenging and the school focused on STEM academics which prepared one for college.
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McKinley Technology High School is a great school to attend to prepare you for college. McKinley is very diverse and the environment is very good. The teachers are actually here to help me out and prepare me for the real world.
I graduated from McKinley Tech two years ago and I ended my first semester of college with a 4.0 grade-point average. Tech prepared me for college and gave me insight to a number of great opportunities. Great school!
My overall experience with McKinley Tech has been great but I believe some changes should be made. I love how everyone there is friendly but I feel as though our work should be more hands on activities instead of a bunch of papers just thrown in front of us.
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