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Mckinley Senior high school is diverse, powerful, and holds special traditions. It’s a family. Students are mentored.
McKinley senior high school is a place where education happens. Everyone loves to come out and enjoy the events that the school happens to host; Parents are always involved with the kids. McKinley wants to see kids be successful and they would do anything to help advance the knowledge of the students. I like that this high school offers a profuse amount of courses to students of different interest as well. The administration makes sure that everyone is safe and protected as well.
I graduated from McKinley Senior High School. What I liked the most from this school was the academics, the teachers are very helpful and hands on when it came to teaching gifted, great scholars, Advanced Placement and Duel Enrollment. The school also excelled in the clubs and arts department, with the school racking most of the time in competitions. However, the school lacks great resources compared to other schools. In addition, the school can use an update due to the mold invested and crumbling buildings that students are forced to sit in in order to learn. Furthermore, the school cares more about the athletes than all the students overall, which gives athletes certain privileges to get away with most of the things that a regular student wouldn’t.
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MCKINLEY high is a great school that has been around for many years. I like the community support and strong Alumni participation. The sad thing is that many classes were not taught, so I missed out on learning a few subjects. There was no strong leadership and no guidance to help help students who wanted to learn.
The physical facility needs to be upgraded, other than that McKinley Senior High School is the best schoool in Ebr Parish. Throughout my four years attending this school I had the best experience, from the teachers to the students. McKinley is a homely environment where evervidy is somebody.
My experience at McKinley Senior High was great; I met new people, and I discovered new ideas. What I like about McKinley Senior High are the teachers, students, pep rallies, sports, and clubs. At McKinley, we have a great academics program and sports program. The one thing I would change about Mckinley is the food and the reason why is because basically its the same cafeteria food schedule, and plus its the same food.
McKinley is a god school. The faculty at the school really care and want see you succeed. However, it is sometimes easy to get distracted. However, there is a lot of help and a lot of ways to get back on track. McKinley is a good place to prepare for adulthood and find your gift or calling in life.
McKinley is a great school with many passionate students and faculty members. I am now a senior here and have loved my school since freshman year. The school culture is unrivaled. We have so much fun planning and attending events such as pep rallies and homecoming week. Unfortunately, not only is my school a part of an underfunded school district, but it is a majority POC school in a poor part of the city. Even with our rigorous, excellent Gifted and Humanities Amped program, McKinley is still underprivileged. I would love to see changes made so that Mckinley can get more of the resources t deserves.
Mckinley High is a historically Black college and it has high significance, also it led to the first African Americans graduating high school at Mckinley High. The Mckinley High now is great and is amazing. I learn so much there and also learn a bit of slice of life. We have many clubs and many activities. We also have peers/students who are attentive and great. It may be a tough start when you first start but then you meet new people that welcome you with kindness, But besides that, Mckinley high is a great school!
My McKinley High School experience is most of the time good. Though the food is not good and neither are the teachers the extra curricular activities and sports they offer allows students to enjoy their high years, while preparing them not only for college but for the real world.
I can honestly say at McKinley anyone is welcomed. There are so many things for anyone to enjoy. Everyone in Baton Rouge knows that McKinley is the place to be. There are staff that is open to help you, personally and educationally.
At McKinley, I have enjoyed participating in the gifted and talented programs, the sewing club, and Key Club. The teachers are understanding, and care about you as a student and a person. The only thing that could change to make this school better is a little more organization and a reduction in student on student violence.
Mckinley Technology High School is a place where you have to find your light and your path. It is a school full of opportunities for everyone, and you have to see where you fit in. However, the lack of students being able to voice their concerns when it comes issues in the school is the only thing I can say horrible about this school. There have been many times when adults have not taken the concerns of the students into consideration which leads to an uproar of rebellious kids.
Mckinley Senior High School has a very diverse learning environment. Everyone is able to learn the different cultures from the student body and value each other. Mckinley is where everyone is accepted for who they are. We have a great support system including the students, faculty, administration, alumni and parents. We work together as a family to accomplish the goals we each set forth. Mckinley offers different activities to bring the students together as we gain friendships and school spirit. We also get a chance to receive different opportunities that will help us advance in our future college and career journey. I love the positive and encouraging environment Mckinley High offers. Mckinley produces excellence and promotes greatness.
McKinley senior high school is a wonderful school. It was the first Africa American school in Louisiana.i have lots of memories and I experienced a lot of things that no others had before they’re always someone there you help you understand the things that you need help with. McKinley has a lot of clubs,sports,teachers and students. You can meet amazing people Nd friends
McKinley was a great school for me because everyone there, students, teachers, & faculty, do their own thing. It's up to the student to take responsibility for their education & as long as the student completes their work, comes to class, & handles all their business, the whole school is pretty much free game for them. I was able to play soccer, I played piccolo in the marching band, & I had the opportunity to conduct my own research! McKinley was a haven for me & the many students who transferred from other institutions. I went from repressive monotony with failing grades to just being myself & making the best of my high school experience at McKinley. Sure, at first I was by myself much of the time, but in those moments of isolation, I relaxed & became comfortable (and very generous) with myself. After only a few weeks at McKinley, everyone got to know who I was, & I made good friends for being truthful about myself. In that community, I flourished, & so has my academic career since.
I have been enrolled in the Gifted/Talented program at McKinley Senior High School for four years as and have participated in multiple of the activities the school offers. McKinley's administration works hard to keep the student body safe and in order, and the offering of advanced placement and Dual-enrollment classes prepares students who are willing to accept the challenge for college. McKinley offers a variety of different clubs and activities that will appeal to an abundance of students in the student body. However due to the lack of funding and location of the school it lacks resources, diversity, and updated facilities in comparison to other schools in the district; I would also like to see an improvement in our athletic department.
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McKinley Senior High has provided various opportunities for success to students of all demographics. From academics to athletics and advanced classes to vocational certifications, McKinley Senior High's administration strives to ensure that every student walking their campus has the resources to become productive citizens in society.
My school is home to a broad array of diverse individuals from diverse walks of life. not only does this add to my educational experience in the class room but also shapes me culturally and socially.
A portion of the teachers are willing to teach their students and trying their best to make the courses fun and interactive. However, the students were beyond horrific. Overall, it depends on students' will and maturity to prepare themselves for College.
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