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We love it, never have had any problems with the teachers or administration. Very good communication
My sons are getting an excellent education.
The school is going through construction and renovation. A new science building and gym will be open soon.
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I have to give a lower rating here because we have not had a steady, permanent principal in the past three years. I'm hoping this will change next year.
All of my sons' teachers have been phenomenal. I am a teacher myself, though not at this school, so I know good teaching when I see it. The teachers are very approachable and helpful to parents and students.
I've been very happy with the education my kids have received at McKinley so far. The teachers have all been excellent. My boys are good readers and have strong math skills. They have learned so much more than I did in elementary and middle school about science and social studies.
The new gym is going to open soon, which is great! The field is very large.
I wish there were more options for middle schoolers, especially for the shy ones!
My kids have never had any problems with bullying or personal safety. I've received calls from the nurse each time my children have been injured on the playground, which is reassuring.
There is greater diversity at McKinley than at any other elementary or middle school that I have seen in Pasadena. My kids feel right at home, and they have respect for all the other students' cultures as a result of the great diversity and friendly culture of the school.
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