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McKinley Middle Magnet School Reviews

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McKinley Middle Magnet is a solid choice for middle school. They offer a wide variety of programs in the arts such as theater, dance, painting, piano, music, etc. They also have a rigorous academic curriculum with advanced courses offered in Science and Math.

The McKinley has a very rich culture. They are also one of the few middle schools in the region that encourages international travel. The students have traveled to China, Italy, France, Costa Rico and several other countries.

A quality public school in East Baton Rouge.
While I attended this school, there was little to no bullying going on. I never heard of an incident where bullying was reported or even seen. Overall we were a pretty safe school with no need for a security guard. The school also provided flu shots and the nurses were always willing to do what they could to help us.
When I arrived to this school, it had just undergone a renovation so I was a part of the first class in the "new" building and everything was so beautiful and spacious and clean.
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Most of the teachers I had were enjoyable and that helped me with my high school career.
Physical Education is required for all students and you had options. You could either take PE, ballet, or dance.
This school had just about every different culture ranging from the African Americans, Caucasians, Arabs, Asian and others. Friend circles were very diverse and everyone was friendly to others including those with a different culture than theirs. There was also a culture program that would show the student body the different cultures. They were set up at booths with activities, food, music, and even dances that were unique to that one culture.
There were many different extracurricular programs to choose from. There was something for every type of different personality.
Not much to review. This was only middle school and my parents took care of everything.
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