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McKinley High School Reviews

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Never had a safety issue.
I would choose this school for the family like bond I have formed with my teammates.
The school is small so the teachers are mostly parents. It is easy to pass but the teachers are friendly.
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I've attended Sebring schools since I was little. There are a lot of positive things about Sebring McKinley. It's such a great school, because with a small community everyone turns out to be so supportive. Sebring McKinley's Staff does such an excellent job in keeping our education up to date, and our students safe. If I had to redo everything over again I would recommend on going to Sebring McKinley, because it's shaped me into the person I am today.
A few teachers tend to play favorites, especially the older math teacher. Other than that they care for the students and put in the extra effort to help whenever necessary.
The school offers very few accelerated classes because there are so few students. Would have liked to have had more options in classes. Teachers care a lot, administration keeps a distance from students.
Because of new regulations the cafeteria has taken a healthy/flavor less route this year. They could do a lot better with the ingredients they are given.
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