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First, this high school is quite pretty good but supportive though. When I wanted to work hard, I would be better at it. This High School would change if some students will be more different than the students who goof around. They have all diet soda brands and tea brands without sugar and it isn't good at all. Food is ok but it doesn't have any strong tastes, they're weak tastes. Gym is very good but it's fun. And finally, this school will change to maybe the best.
I enjoyed Niles McKinley. I just wish I was challenged more. I have always gotten As easily, so I wish there were more opportunities. Also, the electives are not very diverse. Most of them are taught by the same teachers and involve computers.
I enjoyed my four years in high school. There is a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports, choir, band, plays and other clubs.
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I loved Niles Mckinley High School. There are many classes offered, including college prep classes. Not only is there college prep, but they offer college in highschool classes as well.
This is a very fun and inviting school. The staff is polite but the food is not the greatest. I guess you could say far as school lunches go its not terrible. The hallways are very large and to counter that their are a lot of people in this school. The class sizes are pretty normal, not over packed but at the same time the class number isn't 5. The teachers for the most part are very supportive and are willing to work with students if they fall behind in the classes. I will say as a senior I have more privileges then the other classes. But at the same time a lot more is expected of me.
The academics are pretty basic.
People are pretty accepting of one another, every so often there is a problem.
The school does not care so much for the extracurricular activities except a few. They don't provide enough funding for any activity at the school.
I would not choose to go to this school again because I had a poor experience there
The quality of teachers is poor.
Many of the teachers I have had during my four years at Niles have been friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and helpful. Their lessons have been effective and if I or any other students need any extra help, they are willing to give up extra time to help us understand the subject.
I've never witnessed bullying, but that doesn't mean there isn't any. The teachers are good. They are funny and some of them are really inspirational. Some of the students could apply themselves better. The school is a safe place.
Great education, but some methods need improved.
They are a great way for the kids to be social.
You will probably get the same amount of peer pressure that you would get in any other school. The school has come along way from where it was back when it was built in 1957 with ethnic and racial diversity or sexual orientation.
We have had alot of things happen in my four years at the high school from bomb threats to threats on the bath room walls, hit lists, gas leaks and even people have seizures . They staff gets every child out without a whole lot of wasted time. They always have the fire department and police there right away when something goes wrong.
A lot of things are over looked. It has to get really bad before anything is done about situations.
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Some of the teachers are good and care about the students learning but some don't care. Some teachers are more concerned about just getting a pay check or being students personal business.
We have many fittness opportunities at Niles. We have a fitness class, we have tennis, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, football, and baseball.
The teachers are not bad. There are a few that stand out more than most, teachers I'll never forget. Overall, the instruction is above average.
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