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My experience at McKinley High School has been a pleasant one. With every high school student, high school is always a stressful time for each and every student. The four years I've spent at McKinley, it has been a struggle. Yet, every corner I took, there was always a teacher willing to lend a hand. I have grown helpful relationships with my teachers and my counselor, for I am a worrier, and it has benefited me throughout my high school career. I have took the materials I've learned and now I am prepared to start my college career.
The time I spent at McKinley Senior High school was a very good experience. As I look back at the time I spent there, I will always remember the teachers and staff who made an impact on my education. Also, it's a huge football and basketball school, and the McKinley versus massilion game/week is truly something to experience
I really like the Early College part of McKinley and Speech and Debate. The only thing I would change is the rules. If schools are going to have rules then they need to follow through on those rules. I see people all the time breaking dress code, but no one does anything or even seems to care.
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McKinley High Schools so diverse and lively. Although the academic portion of college preparation largely depended on the student's individual motivation I would rate the experience overall amazingly.
The school isn't terrible. There's opportunity for growth just as there is in all other high schools. In all, very diverse, accepting school, though the food could be a little better.
During Mck vs Mass week, Mckinley is one of the most fantastic places to be. It's filled by nothing but pep and positive energy. Other than these times the school is at or below average. The staff isn't the most considerate nor are the students. Teachers can be extremely hit or miss.
McKinley High School offers great school counselors that not only help you with your mental frustrations, but also help you with opportunities that help boost your college resumes. Everyone who has a upper hand in this school is nothing but helpful and respectful. They give you their full attention and always offer after school help because they want you to be successful in their class. We have many after school activities, however one thing I'd like to be offered are activities that have to do with science or gaining experience in a students desired field. Not only would this benefit me but also many other students that want to major in something that is law, musical theater, communications etc.
The teachers are great and the counselors are an amazing group who wants the best for you. Sports was entertaining and school was very diverse and I always felt safe.
McKinley Is A Good School but It Doesnt Challenge Students To Work At Their Full Potential And They Mainly Focus On Sports. If You Didn't Play Sports You Were Basically A Nobody
I would like to see the interior of the schoolchange it old and depressing. Most people like to see/be around older things like cars,watches,sometimes people, ect... but not in a school. The scenery needs to change even if its just a new exciting paint color on the walls.
I like that it's a very diverse school. The teachers are great and friendly, and they know what they're doing
I like that some teachers at Mckinley care. I do not not like that the administration show favorites at the school. Showing people who play sports more attention with people who get good grades.
My education at McKinley has been a roller coaster throughout the years. The teachers at McKinley are great, however, the morale and behavior of the students have majorly declined since my first year here. When I was a freshman, they announced they would combine our high school and the other high school within out district, and chaos irrupted. However, since the merger, there hasn't been any drama, there is just way more people. McKinley offers opportunities that other schools do not which is why I would strongly recommend the school to anyone looking for not only an educational experience but a social experience.
The best part of McKinley is its Speech & Debate program. The coach is incredibly dedicated to the team, and competing in debate has changed my life in so many ways. However the academics at McKinley are incredibly weak. Teachers are often inappropriate, and they do not prepare students to do well on the AP tests.
The school district is slowly going downhill every year, it's very sad to see. Benefits include a good post-secondary program and good AP classes. But the environment of the school is disappointing.
I attend McKinley 9th through 12th grade and I enjoyed this school a lot. I loved the teachers and peers and most of all the excitement of all the sports at McKinley high school, what I didn't care to much for was the lunch food choices but McKinley was an amazing experience overall, glad to be an alumni.
My daughter did better academically when she was in the Advanced and AP classes. Kids in those classes were there to LEARN, not just waste time until graduation. Best teachers were Mr Galayda (math), Mr Swope (history), Mrs Ford. My daughter is in college and is much happier now.
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The support parents display for their own children and the other students is AWESOME! In school and in the community most of the parents are pillars of society.
McKinley is and has always been a school where CHAMPIONS ARE MADE! GREATNESS ON EVERY LEVEL!!! Bulldog until I die.
Sports is all that matters at this school.
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