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McKinley is a very unique educational environment. It is not a traditional high school, being as there is a middle school in the same building. The high school has a fairly small population, but that makes the experience more personal. They have an exceptional, award- winning fine arts department, and is well- known for the band program. Overall, McKinley is a tight- knit, well administrated school, and I am extremely fortunate to have attended.
The best thing about McKinley is the diversity. There are many students from a wide range of backgrounds. The highschool is very small, so learning is more individualized. There is only one working restorrom though, this is very problematic for a school that is 6-12th grade.
As a former student, I enjoyed the culture and diversity of the school. The teachers really cared about their students and the faculty staff were very helpful in regards to making sure students got what they needed.
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McKinley is nothing special. Visually, the school isn’t pleasing which can deter you from wanting to attend but the academics aren’t horrible...they’re some of the better within the district actually. I liked how small the school is and how close knit it is. You truly feel like an individual because there’s so few people. The best department in my opinion is the English/Comm. Arts department, but the math isn’t too bad either. The science department needs A LOT of work and the electives are subpar.
My experience was unlike a lot of people. I had medical challenges that cause me to leave for a year and a half, but when I returned they welcomed me with open arms. I am more than happy to be a future alumni of this school.
I feel McKinley has a lot of diversity, it has a rigorous, challenging academic program, it challenges the students mind and creativity, they have a sports and clubs to fit just about every personality. They communicate well with parents. They genuinely care about the students. The environment to me appears very safe. I love the fact that the principal keeps parents informed with emails and slps recorded mail. Im vert satisfied with this school, if they had better funding they would be A+ for me
I feel a lot of emotional attachment to this school as I've already been here for about five years. There are a lot of good kids here and a lot of the teachers really want to help you to succeed. The band program is excellent and our principal is top notch. There is a high level of diveristy at McKinley and I think there's a good friend to be found for anyone.
McKinley is a great school it has good extra curricular activities and clubs robotics, a math club, great sports teams and a nationally recognized band. The teachers at McKinley help you as much as they can because they want to see you do well. The teachers want you to get into those ivy league schools and they help you as much as possible to get there. I am in the band program and it is my favorite period of the day, its like the whole school has a sense of pride and competition.
For those who put their education first, Mckinley is a phenomenal match. The downside is, the school spirit in the HS is very low and events aren't so eventful.
Overall, Mckinley isn't a terrible school. the students don't cause any real trouble and most of the staff actually cares about the students. Our school spirit is slowing growing, & this year it is the highest it has ever been. McKinley is on the right track and I'm sure it will continue to become a better school for not only the students, but the staff and parents also.
McKinley is a small school so you get more one on one time with the teachers. It also has a diverse and united atmosphere. Unfortunately there is little PTO involvement in the high school. Overall it's a great experience.
What I like about McKinley was the "home" feeling from a select few of my teachers. They made the stress of school a little easier to bare. What I would like to see changed at McKinley is the school spirit, clubs, and the selection of classes. We need more opportunities at school to reach out to young minds. The future citizens of the world need to have fun motivations/incentives as well as a class they actually want to take.
I attended McKinley starting from 6th grade, it was a great school, but over the years it became understaffed & out of control. I think a change of administration was needed. But I also made lifelong friends while I was there.
needs more classes so students can explore possible career paths
not much to do but sports or arts programs
its kinda a half and half
they try but they do not have the support from administration to fully live up to their potential
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Some teachers are pretty consistent when it comes to grading and teaching styles, but there's one in particular that I don't seem to care for. This teacher loves to assign 5 assignments in a short amount of time, plus a project. We only get a certain amount of time to complete it, ranging from 2 days to 1 week. The projects would most likely take maybe 2 weeks to complete, but she gives us less time to do it.
Bullying isn't that much of an issue, taking away a huge fight that happened last year and a fight that just happened this past week. Personal safety isn't much of a problem, either. Security is okay, but I don't really see them around much. They also don't really seem to do much when I do see them. They are supposed to stop you in the hallways if you're seen without some sort of pass, but they don't even notice or seem to care! They are also supposed to stop anyone taking food out of the cafeteria, but they just don't say nor do anything if a student does. They don't do anything regarding the rules, but they do tend to handle the fights pretty well when they occur.
Th teachers are okay for the most part. Not bad, but not the best either. They do give quite a bit of work, but most of the time it's pretty manageable. As far as the scheduling process, however, it's rather vexing. The counselor tries to put you in classes you don't even need to take, making the process pretty much useless.
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