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My experience at McKenzie High was great. I met a lot of great people, students and teachers. The school offered alot of dual classes, so I was able to get a head start in college.
A very good school to help with your ACT. McKenzie High School helps you get college ready and I love how diverse it is with helping people get on the right track.
This was my very first year in an American high school and I honestly loved it! It is so different from French high schools which are so serious and no fun. Mckenzie High School is a small high school so everyone knows each other. The teachers and staff are close to the students, really nice, and even fun to be around. I like the fact that school here is not just about learning and academics, it is also about having fun and being social: the school organizes trips and events to entertain the students. Although, I feel like the academics aren't particularly strong (compared to French academics), and I don't think students are really ready for real college classes. If I could change anything, I would change the "too strict" dress code or establish uniform rules, and I would get a different cook.
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I have never visited the nurse here but I have heard great things about her.
I actually moved her the beginning of my senior year. It was the best decision I could have ever made. I'm beyond thankful for the staff and students. They were all so welcoming and for that I will be forever grateful. I would recommend anyone to bring their child here to grow and learn into a great individual.
They do not have the best food but I am thankful for all the work they put in to feed the high schoolers.
McKenzie is all about fairness and equality. Students listen and do not break the rules as much as other schools.
Its not the best, best the maintain and keep it up to date. They clean regularly!
The teachers are great examples are what adults should be like.
McKenzie High has a lot to offer when it comes to clubs, I was very impressed when I moved here.
The teachers are knowledgeable. They help needy students.
There are many clubs and organizations in this school. I am involved in several. Teachers and faculty are highly interactive in the clubs. The following clubs in this school are as follows; Soccer, softball, baseball, football, basketball, FTA, FCA, HOSA, DECA Relay for Life, Spanish Club, Science Club, Maniac Club and many more.
We have a lot of student involvement, especially during the football games where we all cheer on from the Maniac section! The performance of the team depends on the year and the players, but this year i feel we have a better chance.
Its a hot and prepaired meal that everyone can enjoy
We all support all of our teams from the basketball, football all the way to the golf team. We all show support our teams and players and we still cheer even if we lose
Its the best around. They are very involved and alot of people join and help out
Nice school and well prepares you for college
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I transferred and i'm glad I did.
A lot of good teachers that care about us
A lot of clubs and organizations to join
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