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The one thing I like most about Mckenzie High School is that it is a small school. Everyone knows everyone, so the students are not just a number to the faculty members, they know our names. Even though everyone knowing everyone is a good thing it can also be a bad thing. All the students and faculty know your business. There is no point of even trying to have a secret because it will not stay a secret for long.
McKenzie High School is a very small school and everyone feels like family. I have been given many opportunities to further my knowledge and my career interests.
I love everything about McKenzie High School. The school itself is great. The kids that attend here are nice and everyone treats you the same. McKenzie High School has been the best school I been to since my parents got a divorce. I don't think anything needs to change here at McKenzie High School. All of our staff members and students are great.
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McKenzie High School is grades K4-12. It is a small home town school. There is wonderful support from the faculty and administration. There are no cliques or popularity in our school. With only approximately 30 students per each class, everyone is family. I am very appreciative of the education and experiences I have received at this school.
McKenzie High School is the best school in the district. Not only do I love going to school there, I am proud to call myself a McKenzie Tiger. The teachers and staff truly want to see every student succeed in their education. I have been going to McKenzie for 8 years now and can honestly say I have never seen so much love, dedication, and support for every student that attends this amazing school.
McKenzie is just a wonderful school it is in a small town so everyone knows everybody and we are family.
The counselors and teachers are always there to help the students anyway possible.
I had fun. I learned and made many friends. I got to be apart of the activities like cheerleading and clubs. I love this school!
It prepared me some, but I was still in shock when transitioning.
There were many clubs and options to choose. I was apart of many of them and we always did fun stuff.
The communicate with all students. They help a lot and really care about the students.
The faculty works hard to make sure everyone does their best, and has a lot of opportunities to participate in school activities.
We do not have a big school therefore we do not have any classes
Our school is small and we can not get a lot of stuff because we are poor.
The teacher are trying to help the student to get better education to go to college.
This is like family because everybody knows everybody. And other thing is I like math a lot and they have AP Calculus. They have good teacher that will push you to do things. If their are any chance of going back to high school, I would come back to this school again.
There aren't many security measures at Mckenzie, but it's a small school in a small community, and we don't have very much legal trouble. The nurses and health programs are okay, but very limited.
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McKenzie High School is a community-loved school with loads of support, and tons of heart. As a student, I'm extremely proud of where i'm from and the great times i've had with my fellow peers. I've played Varsity sports every year of my high school career, and loved all laughs i've shared with my teams, as well as the things we've worked together to overcome.
Though we have limited amounts of sports at MHS, the sports we do have are highly supported by students as well as the teachers and staff.
The sports is great and it is fun. And it keep a lot of students out of trouble.
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