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McKeesport Area Senior High School Reviews

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I don't enjoy this school at all. They care more about the dress code then are education. The schools food is crap and the school is roach infested. Some teachers are actually really nice and the classes are really nice for the most part.
I’ve went to this school for all four years of my high school experience and they’ve done everything possible to make them the best four years
I liked how diverse our student was and it helped me feel like a big family. Also the teachers had a actual bond with the students and I felt that my teachers wanted to see me succeed as well as aid me to reach my goals. We did not have the newest resources or money but we always worked with what we had.
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My experience has been good at McKeesport High School. As got to higher grade level lots has change from principal to cut of after school activities to reduction of classes sizes
Teachers are very responsive when dealing with inquiries and offer multiple avenues to request information. School Information is communicated effectively. Im very satisfied with the Administration in their efforts to promote school security and safety with the current events across the country as well.
This place holds many areas of greatness and areas that will make you want to just leave. You will find many inspiring and smart teachers that will push you in the right direction. And many that simply do not. It is very lacking in resources and some executive decisions that may make you dumbfounded, but that just comes with being in a kind of low rate neighborhood where the students are not really taught good civics. I enjoyed my high school years here but probably would not send my kids.
Overall an average school. It lacks diversity, with close to 80% of students being the same race. Most teachers are Democrats, with a few exceptions, leading to few students willing to offer a dissenting opinion. Administration could use work, but overall, everything runs smoothly, other than a few delays on report cards and the like. Compared to other schools in the area, the education is rather well-rounded, with a variety of electives, from a modern media class to a psychology class. They actually have a class specifically geared to prepare students for choosing a college major, which I have found to be very helpful.
I liked this school because my teachers and guidance counselors were very helpful with me in achieving where I would like to go for college.
McKeesport High School isn't the best school, but the teachers try their best to make every student succeed. What I like about the school is the positive attitude towards work and graduating. What I think should change is the way students are disciplined.
My experience at McKeesport is that it's a pretty good school, it's not the best but it's definitely not a bad school. what I like about McKeesport is that i was able to get along with a lot of people, I never had problems with anyone. The things that I would change about my school is the school it's self ,it need an upgrade.
The health and safety at my school is alright. most of the time when the medal detector go off security assume it is just your belt or jewelry if you have it on. The security do not pat nobody down so it can be easy to bring weapons inside the school. It is also easy to bring drugs in the school because the teachers who check our bags in our scan line rush and check every ones' bag. There are so many students there is not enough time to check everyone precisely. There are bullying that still goes on but it isn't real bad. School nurses aren't any help all they do is give you an ice pack or send you home for any thing. There are security cameras but they are not everywhere and there is usually one police officer on duty. Overall I do not think McKeesport High School is safe.
Most of the organizations and clubs many students do not know about them.
One of my favorite experiences with McKeesport High School this year was a "Senior Walk". We walked around all the schools in our area in our caps and gowns. All of the younger students cheered us on as we walked, my class of 2016 was the first to do a "Senior Walk" in our school. What makes my school unique would be how good our school musicals are. Ever musical we have had been a success, I was apart of one of the musicals called "Suesical" it was very fun I enjoyed it. I would not choose this school again if i could do it all over again because our school needs a lot of help and money we always had technical difficulties , never enough computers, not enough books for everyone, and the school need better computers.
The teachers at McKeesport High school are okay I feel as if they can do better as a whole. None of the teachers offered help after school because we didn't have enough money for "Cool School" this year which was a program where students were able to get help with homework after school. Only a few teachers were willing to help other students during class. A majority of the teachers were not willing to help students during class because they had to keep moving on with the other lessons. Those teachers never kept students updated with their grades and never passed back tests.
There are some clubs in the high school that I have never heard about until I came to the high school. they're different because they do no do the same things like the other clubs do
My favorite experiences are going to Tiger Fest and getting around several other people who are having a good time
In my school, I think it is great. I say that because the teachers are approachable, smart, and caring. The students are responsible and it is a great atmosphere
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I love going to this high school. I would not want to go to any other school. The administration here are always positive and try their best to not only be teachers, but to help be mentors and guide students in the right direction. Even our security guards ask simple questions such as how your day is and how you are feeling that just make it a friendly experience. The teachers push you as far as they know you can go. They do not just go to the school and teach for eight hours, they make sure to attend afterschool activities, run clubs, and attend sports events. There is always things to get involved in to make high school memorable.
McKeesport was the absolute worst. Teachers would text and not teach. Students were smoking marijuana in the restrooms. Also the staff were very childish and unprofessional.
The teachers care about the students who care about themselves. They do try to help the ones who need help, but they can't reach everybody.
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