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Graduating fromMckeel Acadmy will always be one of my favorite memories throughout my educational career. This school left such a positivity imprint on me and really should how important my future can be given I work hard and stay focused. Although high school defiantly has its ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade a second of being enrolled in this school.
I liked that there were specific programs of study so that everyone could always feel like they’re apart of a specific group within the school. The administration, however, could be better because they make the experience feel more like students are punished rather than being rewarded.
I never would have expected to like and appreciate Mckeel as I do now, but the environment and teachers all around me there prepared me extremely well for college, where I am now succeeding pretty comfortably. Mckeel is a a smaller school in comparison to others, but provides all the tools and resources necessary to help students flourish in school and still have a good high school experience, including me.
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Great school with experienced teachers; love using iPads and getting more educational opportunities than other students at different schools.
Mckeel Academy of Technology is a pretty good school, especially considering its location. The acedemic side of the school is the best and most noticeable thing about it.
This is the best public school in the city. It's a charter school, so it's hard to get in. And there seem to be more rules than traditional public schools, but that's ok. It's a really good schoo.
The class of 2015 was the best class in my honest opinion. McKeel overall was an excellent school that looked great on college applications, gave students an opportunity to have work experience when they graduated, and kept everyone on the top of their game. Going to McKeel was like going to school with family.
I have been a student at Mckeel since kindergarten. This school means alot to me. I love that I have known all my friend s for so long. The teachers are so hands on and know all the students. The class sizes are perfect for me to learn in a smaller environment.
This is my fourth year attending Mckeel! I love the academic quality of the school and the envolvment with technology.
I would like to see a change in administrative regulation of the school. They need to deal with behavior in a better way and stop discriminating against students. The staff is fairly good and college readiness is okay, I would suggest a college readiness class and how to adjust to the transition from high school to college.
I've been at Mckeel since 8th grade and not much changed in the 5 years that I was there. I learned what needed to be learned, I took the classes I needed to take and I did well. The teachers are mostly kind and are willing to help with your grades and tutor you if you need.
I’d like to see the school come together and actually show concern for their students education instead of holding students to a specific standard, throwing an iPad with a video in front of them and telling them to learn based off of the video.
McKeel has a great group of teachers who are dedicated to teaching. They put in a lot of effort in order for the students to understand. There are no behavioral issues at all.
My experience at McKeel Academy was one of a kind. Perhaps my favorite part of my 4 years at McKeel Academy of Technology was the close-knit and family feel of the school. With small classroom and class year sizes, I was able to be a student rather than a number. Each teacher knew me by name, working with my to make sure I thrived in and out of the classroom.
The sports teams and how well I was prepared for college. The food and teachers were really good and helpful. I learned a lot of things while I was at Mckeel. It helped me become a more rounded person. My fellow students were also big help in my high school experience.
While the teachers are not too bad, some very excellent while others, well not so much. Students are not good kids. Most do bad things, there are a select few that are actually smart, nice and hard working. The teachers are not the worst part about the school, the students and sports are. Mckeel will never have a football team and they play favorites.
This is a very well organized school. McKeel Academy tends to actually listen to students and their suggestions. Which is why they start school so late and let out so early (8:30AM - 2:30PM). Although the administration listens to students, not everything is approved, which is why we still have uniforms and other small rules.
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It was a great school with great teachers. The faculty in the office and media center were extremely nice to visitors and students. A few teachers and high up administrators were not as nice. The school is not in the best area in town and it would be nice to see more security and a safer campus. The student parking lots need to be paved as they are just dirt and grass. There also needs to be a sidewalk from the school to the back parking lot as it is grass and gets soggy when it rains. Students then have to walk through this to get into the school. Some of the bathrooms need to be redone but they are not too terrible.
Good experience, there are some strict things I didn't like (uniforms) but other than that the staff is good and so are most students.
It provides an excepted education with a bonus of exciting and interactive field trips such as going to museums, water parks, and D.C.
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