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I love to see the diversity at McKay High School and the resources we are given at this school. I am a current senior at McKay High School and a part of many extracurricular activities such as football, track and field, and a member of the National Honor Society. Since enrolling as a freshman, the staff view the students as a top priority and make sure we are college ready and many courses provide us support to reach our potential and be ready to attend college.
I have been attending McKay since my freshman year, 2015. As a senior, I have come to know my teachers and peers well within the 4 years. I really appreciate the teachers who work there. They really care about their students and give their full effort to those who truly want to understand the content being taught. For these reasons, I cherish the time I have left at McKay. However, it is not perfect. Too often kids get away with things they should not, which is problematic because underclassmen are easily influenced. In my opinion, teachers or security need to be more attentive when it comes to watching the students so they do not get away with too much.
I believe that Mckay is a good school. It has had its faults in the past but in recent years it has been much better. The most noticeable thing I have experienced at the school would be the overcrowding, and there has been talk of expanding the campus. Almost all of my teachers help me in a way that I can understand, and the facilities are good. They also have many programs during and after school that one can join. They also have a College and Career Readiness class that can help one to be prepared for College and the real world. To me, McKay is a good school overall.
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My experience at McKay was okay. The building itself is average. The teachers are either fantastic or terrible. Some were very supportive and actually seemed to care about their students. Unlike the others that were overbearing and did not seem to like their job. The classes are average. They dont have that much electives. The clubs are diverse. I would like to see McKay change to a less over crowded place, with a lower student to teacher ratio.
When I went to McKay, the halls were always very overcrowded. There was very little room to get through the halls, and because of that it was sometimes difficult to get from class to class especially when the classes were on opposite sides of the school. But, many of the students were very encouraging towards each other and often boosted each other up when it looked like someone was low on energy. All of my teachers also genuinely looked like they wanted to be there and help the students with whatever was needed. I also enjoyed the art classes very much and appreciate the fact that I always felt very welcomed in all of my classes.
Some good teachers, but a lot of the staff did not help me, a student with anxiety, when I reached out.
There were some really amazing teachers, but there were also a number of teachers who taught based on their beliefs and not based on facts - e.g. really pushing students to admire communism in economics classes - and I would constantly be cussed out by my forensic science teacher, even though I was a good 4.0 student. Both of these behaviors, and others I experienced, are completely inappropriate.
Another negative: the school didn't try to get parents involved at all in my experience, which is really important in a kid's life, esp. at that age.

On another note, the music programs were all INCREDIBLE. There were also some teachers who were always there for their students, like Jim Charnholm and Megan Jackson, amongst others, and they really cared about us. I just wish there had been more teachers like them.
So far, I've been a McKay student for 4 years, I'm going on to my senior year. McKay is a great school to attend! The diversity rate is very high and there's rarely any complications within the school. The teachers are very helpful in teaching and they're very good at clarifying too. Their attitudes are great towards students and other colleagues. Learning wise, McKay offers a variety of electives that aren't present in other Salem-Keizer School District schools. We are also known for helping the community out. Our school spirit is fantastic and we're very passionate about going to McKay.
Although the area is typically low income and there are negative things about the location and surrounding neighborhoods, overall the experience at McKay was a positive one. The teachers care deeply about the welfare of the students. There are many clubs and activities and opportunities to grow. The resources and numerous and the drive and motivation of the underprivileged students is inspiring.
Overall, Mckay High School is a great school. The students tend to accept everyone based on how they are. Mckay does a great job at being diversed. Although some of the staff aren't that great, the teachers do a really great job to help students gain more knowledge.
At McKay High School our goal is that every student is college and career ready. Every teacher is inspiring and willing to help students with many different types of situations. I’m always inspired to keep moving forward and move on with goals I want to accomplish.
I'd like to see a bit more unity and inclusiveness with all the students. When I was attending McKay I was in a lot of college reediness programs, such as Avid. But once I got to college I realized a big part of our class really didn't prepare me at all.
McKay High School is a place where there is a huge sense of community. There are great programs such as our nursing and music programs. There is also a lot of support from the staff, whether that be emotional or academic support if someone seeks support it will be provided. One that that I would change would be the classroom sizes. McKay is overcrowded and at times there is not enough time for teachers to personally work with each student that is struggling.
My experience at McKay has end great! There have been so many amazing opportunities. What’s I like about McKay are the great programs they offer such as, AVID, Nursing Fundamentals, and a lot of college support. A change I would like to see is about more college and financial aid support for juniors and seniors.
Everything about about McKay is great. The staff are the very friendly outgoing and very understanding. The school is very well kept and overall the environment feels very comfortable, since I’m only s freshmen I can say the upperclassmen made the school year seem like a breez.
McKay is one of the BEST high schools. it is diverse, accepting, loving and everyone is always looking out and caring for others. McKay has a bad reputation but that doesn’t stop the students from flourishing.
McKay high school is one of the best schools in the Salem-Keizer school district. All of the teachers care about the students, and want to see their kids succeed. By providing us the support we need, we as students are college and career ready.
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McKay High School is an amazing school to attend and get an education from. Although you may hear negative comments about McKay, that mainly comes from students or adults from other schools who are seen as "better" than McKay. This school has amazing faculty and staff who are really driven for their student's success and hard work so it will pay off once they go off to college.
If I could go to any high school in the Salem-keizer area, I would still choose Mckay High School. I love Mckay High, I love its spirit, the teachers, the students, I love everything about Mckay & I am so glad to say that I am a student at Mckay High School.
I love McKay High School because they care about your education and that you are comfortable studying there.
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