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McIntosh High School provides a safe learning environment targeted at student growth. By offering a variety of AP classes, McIntosh allows students to pursue their own passions. McIntosh also offers students a variety of languages too. Spanish, French, German, and even Latin are all included in options for electives. One could even join the STEM program which focuses more on the science, math, engineering, and technology side of schooling.
Although I am amazed at the wonderful opportunities given at the school including rigorous courses, AP credits, and various clubs, I would like to see more promotion in the diversity of the school. I believe they need to encourage being different, and not highlight them as a separate identity.
McIntosh is a very college forward High School. Their emphasis on Academic excellence pushes students to work for their future.
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Academically challenging schools with teachers that prepare you extremely well for college (as seen by 90+% pass rates on AP tests). Teachers are open to helping before and after school. Sports are good here, could be better. Culture is one of support and acceptance.
McIntosh High School has, so far, been quite an adventure. The teachers encourage students to come in for extra help and provide many ways to help their grades.
Most of the teachers at McIntosh care about their student and education. I have always felt safe there, and I have never experienced any type of bullying as well.
I enjoy the social aspects of McIntosh High School - sporting events, theater performances, community work - but dislike the pressure of the academic curriculum. McIntosh is ranked as one of the most academically intense public schools in the country. The teachers are well educated and definitely make sure their classes live up to the high school's reputation as a collegiate public school. Despite the well-rounded teachers, the administration is not as liked and respected as the teachers. My peers and I resent the administration because they are the original source of all the stress that we experience during our school year. I gave my high school a ranking of 4 stars because its only flaw that I personally experience is the administration and their constant push to pit the students against each other and to make us view our peers as competition, not as friends.
I had a pretty great experience at McIntosh High School because I was involved on campus. I played three varsity sports and was in band. I met so many great people with those activities.
McIntosh High School is an extremely high achieving school, but that does not mean the students have great experiences there. Specifically, the students who take an insane amount of AP classes. Of course it is our fault for overloading our lives with school work, but the only reason we do this is because of the advice and environment McIntosh presents to us Freshman year. Adults make sure to inform incoming Freshman that if they do not appear above average with grades and rigor, their chances of going to college are extremely slim. This claim is entirely false, but since kids are persuaded to think they need to do such extremes, they decide to overload themselves and, as a result, their mental health goes down. I've experienced such decline in my mental health because of school, but luckily I am getting better. McIntosh tends to set kids, like myself, up to do the extreme from the beginning. It results in students losing both their mental health and a positive high school career.
The school is performs exceptionally well in terms of academics however their most of their sports could use improvement.
McIntosh High School did an excellent job of preparing me for college the hard work I would experience beyond high school. The teachers cared about our success and were some of the best teachers I've had throughout my academic career. McIntosh had something for everyone and allowed those looking to take a specific path to take classes and extra curricular in those areas. One thing I would like to see change is the rigidity of certain programs. The school recently added a STEM program for students wanting to pursue a science based/engineer career after high school. My younger brother is planning on taking this pathway. However, once you decide to enter the STEM program, you are not allowed to change your mind later on. As many young people starting high school are not sure of their adult career plans at this point in their life, I find it confining to not allow the kids to change their mind if they realize the STEM route is not a good fit.
Academically rigorous, but also a lot of stress pushed on students, especially those who take AP courses. Ranking system is unfair in that the unweighted gpa is used so those who take all regular classes can still have higher ranks than students to take a lot of AP courses with both putting a lot of effort into doing well in their classes. Also, terrible funding for orchestra program-- the classroom is literally a remodeled storage closet. Other than the growing infamy of the school on the news lately, it is, for the most part, better than the other schools in Fayette and surrounding areas (can't beat the really good schools in Gwinnett county though).
I like that I feel very prepared for college. However, the work load my senior year up to the last day of school was ridiculous.
I have attended Mcintosh for 4 years, been a member of the band including marching band. Teachers are great - taught me a lot.
McIntosh prepares you for courses in the future. Being a dual enrollment student, I found college classes were much more easier and simpler compared to McIntosh classes. The level of excellence expected from students encourage growth and all-around success.
It is a great high school that has distilled certain values in me that I will take into life with me
The academic experience at McIntosh is one of the best available in the state of Georgia. However, the counter to that is that the school is so high-achieving, students often find themselves drowning in work.
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Although many find the school to be extremely difficult, I feel McIntosh really prepares students for the real world. As long as you work hard and stay organized, the class work doesn't pile up too much. The teachers are amazing and supportive and the student environment is great too. I would highly recommend attending McIntosh.
McIntosh did a fantastic job of preparing me for college. I transferred to this school from a high school in New York, so I dealt with a bit of culture shock but adapted quite well. The teachers at McIntosh really care about giving their students the best education. The only thing I didn't like was that the school wasn't big on diversity and wasn't very progressive.
I loved it there, I loved playing softball for the school. I had wonderful understanding teachers who helped me out anytime I needed it.
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