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McIntosh High School Reviews

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Peer pressure isn't a big issue. The school accepts pretty much anybody. There are no challenges in regard to ethnic/racial diversity and sexual orientation in my opinion.
There are not a lot of classes to chose from so getting the classes necessary to graduate while taking the ones you are interested in can be difficult, but the teachers work the best they can to rearrange the schedule each year to help the students.
The school nurse is available two days a week. but the school counselor can also serve as nurse in case of emergencies. I feel safe in the school.
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The most popular after school activities is sports.
I would not choose this school again because of how favoritism plays into sports.
The teachers make the work challenging but not unreachable. They push us to be the best we can be and know each student personally since we are a small school. They also help to engage us in any academic contests that the area has. Each teacher is very knowledgeable in their subject(s).
Could improve in some places.
It was a great school.
I think the majority of the teachers at McIntosh High School are very good. They come up with new and fun ways of teaching and fun projects to do that involves not only the students but the community as well. They do really well when it comes to teaching the students the right requirements and try their best to make sure everyone understands every lesson.
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