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I love the small town feel of MCA. The teachers are very approachable and enjoy their work. The only thing McIntosh needs to change is how involved administrators are in the student life. Administration should interact with all students and not just trouble makers.
Rating MCA average isn't because of the teachers, the overall majority of them are great teachers, it's because the lack of focus of what the school can do for the students to greatly succeed. I'm not saying that they should help people that doesn't put in any effort-but for those that do- they should help them in areas where its needed. Besides the just the lack of education, MCA actually has great principal's now. Hopefully they'll stay. On behalf of the teachers that teach, but the students don't learn; the students at MCA plays a big problem in our school. To be very blunt with whomever is reading this, the kids in our school don't give a crap. We lost two Culinary teachers in the same school year, and no they didn't get fired. They quit. For a school that has been trying to do better, the students surely aren't helping making it easier. So the school doesn't deserve: terrible, poor, very good, or excellent. They get exactly what the students look for...average.
Mcintosh County Academy is not a well-managed school. The school does not value education as much as they should. The high schools' main focus seems to be on football and they seriously need to value education more. The board of education has brought in a new principal and slowly things seem to be changing for the better of the school education system. Hopefully the high school will value education more than football in the next few years.
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During my 4 years of high school spent at MCA was definitely a learning experience and also an amusement park at times. Why do i state that, you ask? Well let's just say this high school wasn't taken as seriously as it should have been. Other than the education, cafeteria food, and the teachers, fellow associates and friends were always a go-to to take a load off of what has been going on around the school. What I think that should improve in this high school is higher level of education taught to the students and more extracurriculars taken place so that when students graduate from there they would know how to use their full potential and knowledge in life.
McIntosh County Academy gave me the worst high school experience. In most schools students get the opportunity to start AP classes early on, and take classes required to graduate early on. In McIntosh this is not the case, students were not allowed to take AP, Dual Enrollment, or the foreign languages required to graduate until the eleventh grade. Fed up with the school system I did full time dual enrollment in the eleventh grade at College of Coastal Georgia, who does not offer a Physical Science class (which is need to graduate) so I was forced to take this class that had a lot of labs online when it should have been a ninth grade class. However, when I went to the college they turned things around the correct way, started Spanish and Physical Science in the ninth grade. However, to add on to my rant in my four years at MCA I had four different principle, needless to say the school went the entire second semester without even having a principle.
McIntosh County Academy provides great education and no child will be left behind. The school is high standard and very great. I love being there because I’m learning on a higher level. It’s also very safe.
I absolutely love my teachers at this school. They actually care about me, and they hope I succeed. So that is a huge plus. But the way the administrators are running this school is ridiculous. I pray that this changes. For the students and the schools sake.
It taught me a lot of things
The school have ok lunches
Our principal was recently fired along with half the administration.
The school only cares about the football team when it comes to other sports they aren't as important.
The school nurse is worse. He doesn't treat your wounds.
There are many types of clubs and organizations. I have been in three clubs: Youth Advisory Council, Beta Club, and the National Honor Society.
What makes this school unique is what you wear. There are many school dress code and prominently good police officers roaming in the school.
teachers are excellent. One of my teachers have to balance family and her job in a way to teach the students everyday.
McIntosh County Academy offers its students many opportunities for success and fun. It has many local college representatives and military recruiters come to speak with students and help them plan their future. The teachers are probably the best thing about the school. All of them care so much about their students and want to see them succeed. The classes are always fun and informative.
average communication from most teachers
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does not focus on real world
excellent school condition, not sure of bus system
counseling not helpful with college prepardness
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