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McHenry High School - West Campus Reviews

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The school really promotes involvement with a wide range of clubs, sports, and activities but it’s recent security is insane.
It was an okay school. I made some lifelong friends who honestly made all of high school worth it. Being really involved like I was also helps make it go by faster and you make better memories.
The teachers there were really nice and they helped out as much as possible and had a very good working environment to help with working on homework and studying.
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The teachers care about your education. I haven’t met a single teacher that doesn’t put in effort to teach. The staff are friendly and you don’t feel a negative vibe in the environment.
As a recent graduate of McHenry West Campus, I felt that the school overall meet my academic needs. During my tenure at MCHS I took courses that challenged me and prepared me for college. I also was able to participate in sports and other extra curricular activities that I enjoyed. There were some teachers that stood out for me and helped me excel and prepare for my future. The school does a good job bringing students together and getting them excited about their goals and future. I know looking back I will be grateful for what I achieved and learned at MCHS and always be proud to be a warrior.
The teachers are very kind and willing to help when needed and the staff prepares you for college very well and an overall outstanding environment.
Find a new band director that doesnt play favorites and keeps all conversations mature and professional
The school is a positive environment that is dedicated to helping students grow in ecademics and in their leadership skills.
The school is an average school, many pros and many cons. The amount of electronic devices available to us is amazing and many teachers are great at their job and invest much time into getting to know the students and grow with them. Although there are many outstanding teachers, others do not make the same impression. Some teachers are rude and do not care to teach the students, and the policy on tardies and bringing outside food to the school is ridiculous.
i have 2 children who went to this high school............................................................................................................
There are certain aspects of McHenry West Campus that I absolutely love, and others that I do not. The teachers are either amazing and super caring about you or they have no idea what they are talking about. I noticed that the veteran teachers tend to be the ones that truly care and want you to succeed, while some of the new ones are just trying to keep their job.
McHenry High School - West Campus was always welcoming with arms open, the teachers got to know as a person and not just as a student. The teachers and staff were always looking out for one and other's safety in times of crisis and always willing to go the extra mile. The atmosphere is impeccable.
I enjoy that there are many activities to get involved with at McHenry West. I thoroughly enjoy the people, the sportsmanship and team player mentality, I like the fact that they allow us to be a voice and consider our opinions.

As for what I think can be improved on, I would appreciate some healthier options for lunch. I think we should have open campus. I would change the period schedule into a block schedule where there are four periods a day, consisting of longer classes so that the classes would only be semester long classes vs. year long. I feel like it creates more of an opportunity to learn during that longer time period.
It is a nice environment. Good kids and teachers. Had many teachers who cared a lot about their students and were passionate about what they did. Met lots of amazing and intelligent people there.
What i liked about West Campus is the safety of the school. In this school there is room for improvement and teahers will help you out.
There were some exceptional teachers, but the environment was very low quality. They have been upgrading but only in the south foyer. The should do more to get better lockers, the classroom a better environment, or improve on the food. The good side was the experience with the teachers cause you could tell they actually enjoyed their jobs. They did have some off days, but the majority of their time was to try to make you do better.
My experience was pretty average. I was neither impressed or disappointed with high school, but it definetly wasn't something I looked forward to each morning. I'd like to see the teachers be more caring towards their students. The teachers are either phenomenal or horrible, there's no inbetween. The students are very judgmental and are predjudice towards those who are different. There's not a lot of diversity. Students who are considered popular tend to have a more positive experience. Office staff is very rude, but administrators are usually friendly.
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The school was very live during spirit weeks, at football games, as well as other sporting events. However, during day to day operations people were very separated. Teachers were hits or misses as far as their passion for their job and the effort they put into lessons.
I went into high school not knowing many people. I wouldn't call myself a social outcast, but I was a very shy person who stuck to listening to music and taking notes in the corner of class. But the students at this school made me feel welcome over the years, and I've made some of the greatest experiences come to life after making the best friends I could have ever asked for. My friends weren't the only people to make me feel welcome, but most other students and the staff always wanted to talk and be extremely friendly
McHenry High School - West Campus has shaped me into the scholar I am today. The counselors gradually prepare you for college, they don't overwhelm you the moment you walk in the door nor do they leave you feeling unprepared the day you walk out of the door. The teachers are always there for you when you need help and advertise their availability for tutoring, some even offering to meet you for coffee after school. There is a wide variety of clubs and activities, but there is a handful that are more well known than others. As for athletics, football is obviously favored over any other sport, boys basketball in a close second. The football team receives new equipment every year, while the tennis team has rackets that are years old and the track team has stained uniforms and wobbly starting blocks. The diversity in the school isn't great, but I believe that is based off of where the school is located and it can't do much about it, though they do promote a no discrimination policy.
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