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McHenry High School - East Campus Reviews

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My school may not be the most modern and up to date facility, but the teachers and students I've met here will be with me forever. It is like coming to a family every single day, and at no time have I ever felt unsafe or targeted. I would recommend anyone to my high school. I cherish all the moments and connection I have here.
East Campus is an amazing school. It was a great experience and has the best teachers and you'll get the help you need or ask for.
My experience at Mchenry East campus hasn’t always been amazing, but the school has always challenged me and helped me learn. I have also made the best friends I could ever have at this school.
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One aspect of McHenry East Campus that I've always held dear in my experience is how caring some of the teachers are, and how easy they are to grow attached to. The educators I've personally had have been very personable and relatable. They know their craft well, and are able to explain it in ways that are reachable to multiple types of students. Even when a student isn't very committed to their studies, many teachers still treat them with hope and with belief in them. As for the facilities, they are clean and easily accessible for everyone. The individuals in security are well liked by most of the student body, and are very nice to chat with on a day-to-day basis. The faculty in the main office are warm and welcoming, as are the school counselors in the counseling office. The theatre program is vibrant and filled with talent, as is the rest of the art department. This school is unique in its personality and fantastic faculty that overall allows for a blossoming learning environment.
They have not worked with me at all. They employ rude teachers. Many of the graduates experience horrible lives due to there disastrous education.
An amazing school with teachers that care! Many different after school activities to join from sports to volunteering to theater. Absolutely loved the people there.
I had issues during my senior year with my health, affecting my attendance, and the staff were incredibly rude about figuring out any solutions
Most teachers are very nice and willing to help. Some teachers have a hard time relating to the students and teach strictly from the textbooks. The school itself is very old and needs a lot of renovations. There is not a lot of school spirit overall. The curriculum does not seem to challenge most kids and doesn't seem like it would be preparing the kids for college that well. The current principal relates to the kids very well and is well liked in the community. We have a club for almost any hobby or interest.
I really enjoy the teachers and all of the events the school hosts. The faculty is really good and I am going to miss everybody and the building itself when I leave for college.
McHenry High School - East Campus like any other high school, there is great educators and bad educators. The education is really what people make of it.
I liked how the staff cared about each individual student and focused on their needs. The school had many great events to promote school spirit and involve the community. The school recognizes all achievements for each student.
I did no have an amazing high school experience at this institution. I was bullied, and picked on for most of my freshman and sophmore year. Most of the teachers were kind, but only a few actually cared about their students. in my junior and senior year things became a little more berable because I made some pretty amazing friends. This school isn't a place I would send my future children, but I hope it one day becomes an establishment were children grow up to be good people.
I love how teachers engage you in many exercises through learning. I love how they make homecoming week and prom week so exciting. I played football throughout my 4 years here and people actually care about it during the season throughout town.
I liked that most of the teachers are willing to help the students so they fully understand what they are learning. They are also willing to explain something in multiple ways so each student will fully understand what is being taught.
McHenry High School provided me with a mediocre high school experience. I enjoyed the environment of the school, many of the teachers and the after school activities I participated in. I can not say I am overly impressed with education I received unfortunately. McHenry is not well known for the education it provides the students, in fact the school is ranked far behind most schools in Illinois. The learning experience I received is definitely one of the things I disliked about McHenry High School.
I have enjoyed my school a lot in my past 4 years here. School goes by so fast and I am very glad I was able to be an active member in many clubs, sports and activities. I would like the student body to have more school spirit but other than that I think this school is great.
There are classes that pertain to every job outlook each individual student has. The schedule process is extremely easy because the school counselors take students by grade and explain the classes that they are allowed to take. The student then has to fill out the sheet and turn it into their counselor. The majority of students get the classes they have asked for, but there are those "unlucky" few that have to take their alternate choice of classes simply because it did not fit into their schedule.
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This is school is a very social environment. Most students know every body or have at least heard the name before. This is a very diverse school regarding ethnic/racial and sexual orientation. There is a club "LGBT" for students who are either apart of that outlook or people who are just supportive of others.
There are many opportunities to join a variety of clubs and organizations.
McHenry East High School is a great school overall based on the community as a whole. Students were very interactive with one another and a very welcoming school. In the hallways of this school, there is artwork painted by it's very own students and I believe that that is what makes this school unique. The artwork gives the school character. Another unique trait about this school is that every class is given the opportunity to leave a hand print on the walls of the school. I would choose to go back to this school because of the people.
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