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Overall a good school and good education. The best is the diversity of the student body and faculty/ staff.
I started school at MCHS in October 2016. Since the moment that I walked through those doors, I was welcomed with open arms. Since the new Principal, Dr. Jeffry Prickett began administration in 2018, many changes to the school have been made. For one, the overall ambiance has drastically improved. Mchenry East isn't just a high school. It's a home. Everyone who walks through those doors is greeted with love and care. It isn't uncommon to see Dr. P standing outside, holding the door open for each student who walks through those doors. On Wednesday mornings, we have Warrior Wednesdays, where student and faculty alike celebrate each other and their individuality as one. With high fives at 7 AM and music blasting, excitement to start the day hits everyone walking through the doors. Our sports teams are beyond supportive of one another and we are all team players. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of the MCHS community, and I don't regret it for a single moment.
An amazing school, filled with amazing teachers and staff that care about the wellbeing and futures of the students.
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Mchenry East had a very inclusive culture that allowed for students to confide in teachers and led to a very positive experience during my time there. While the building was old, it felt historic and never felt like it was in disrepair.
I loved the community and the focus and dedication that most students had for academics. I think this highschool needed better sports and school involvement in activities
I love that we are like a family and the awesome school spirit at all activities. I hope we don't make it an all freshmen school in the next year.
I really appreciated my experience in the band program. The director was extremely dedicated and truly cared for his students. The general school atmosphere was a bit dissatisfying. Many students, even in the honors program, cared little for their education and often spoke of doing drugs or drinking over the weekends.
I graduated McHenry High School in 2016, and I was very active in the community. I was a part of the band program, the theater program, and the graphic design program. These programs are what really made my high school experience special.
When it came down to the classes and teachers, there were a few that made a large impact-- and I still use the tools that I gained in their classrooms today. Specifically Heidi Dunn's AP Language and Composition course. This class gave me the tools I needed to effectively communicate through writing-- which has greatly impacted my continuing career development.
During my experience and time at McHenry East Campus I had a great 4 years! My freshman year I was welcomed by a club called “LINK” (leaders inspiring new kids). They made all freshman feel safe and overall apart of the school. The first year at East i made so many friends that i still consider my best friends today. That same energy and mindset continued on to sophomore year. I started to make better relationships with my teachers this year. My junior year was the hardest but also the most fun! The school got a new principal who influenced me so much. Jeff Prickett is his name and i couldn’t thank him enough for changing the school and making school more fun! Mr.Prickett made academic changes, building changes, and most importantly teacher changes! Meanwhile, my senior year was also fun. I love the school i attended for high school. It shaped me into the person i am today and i am so grateful for that.
During my high school experience I have been able to participate in the Mchenry Warriors community. At east campus the teachers are very hands on with the students and offer multiple resources for them to grow their knowledge. The school spirit is shown within each student and teacher and everyone is encouraged to participate in sports or clubs. Not only to represent our community but as well for everyone to interact with each other.
It is a great school that really allows and pushes a kid to be themselves and grow into their own person. On the academic side of things if you need help there is always a place you can find it.
I would like to see the layout of the campus change. Walking my schedule was very inconvenient at times.
Being a smaller school, we are a very close-knit community. My favorite part is how much the teachers want us to succeed. We have a class period every day where the entire school is dedicated to going to teachers for help, so every teacher is available!
I am a student of East campus and this school feels like home. Most of our teachers and staff are very friendly and make the school feel safe. I feel as though East campus is one big family.
I had a good experience throughout high school. The school is average compared to others but I still had a good time. I feel like the school could be more involved in their students instead of constantly focusing on their attendance instead of education. Some teachers were engaged in their students and others weren't. Shows who cares and who doesn't.
The teachers and staff of Mchenry east campus are truly unique. Each teacher has their own approach to connecting with students and it truly shows! I've never felt so cared about by anyone outside my family until I went to Mchenry East. One flaw of Mchenry East is that the teachers are not given nearly enough credit.
My school may not be the most modern and up to date facility, but the teachers and students I've met here will be with me forever. It is like coming to a family every single day, and at no time have I ever felt unsafe or targeted. I would recommend anyone to my high school. I cherish all the moments and connection I have here.
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East Campus is an amazing school. It was a great experience and has the best teachers and you'll get the help you need or ask for.
My experience at Mchenry East campus hasn’t always been amazing, but the school has always challenged me and helped me learn. I have also made the best friends I could ever have at this school.
One aspect of McHenry East Campus that I've always held dear in my experience is how caring some of the teachers are, and how easy they are to grow attached to. The educators I've personally had have been very personable and relatable. They know their craft well, and are able to explain it in ways that are reachable to multiple types of students. Even when a student isn't very committed to their studies, many teachers still treat them with hope and with belief in them. As for the facilities, they are clean and easily accessible for everyone. The individuals in security are well liked by most of the student body, and are very nice to chat with on a day-to-day basis. The faculty in the main office are warm and welcoming, as are the school counselors in the counseling office. The theatre program is vibrant and filled with talent, as is the rest of the art department. This school is unique in its personality and fantastic faculty that overall allows for a blossoming learning environment.
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