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McGuffey High School Reviews

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My overall experience at McGuffey High School has been good. The people are nice and the school is in good condition.
McGuffey has some really good teachers and some bad teachers. Some classes are jokes and others are difficult. The administration is poor.
McGuffey is a great school to go to. All of the teachers are very friendly and supportive of the students. I enjoyed my time at McGuffey high school. The only thing I would change is how the administration works.
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Some things are nice, but the bottom line is it's a country school. Most of the students are racist and hicks. Chewing tobacco can usually be spotted at least once walking from one class to another. If you aren't a part of the "popular" clique, everyone treats you differently, even administrators. It's a small town so a lot of kids know teachers out of school. If you break it down the cliques are popular kids, hicks, athletes, smart kids, stoners, and then everyone else kinda just floats around. Being gay, colored, or anything out of the norm will get you odd looks from the popular kids and made fun of by the hicks. Everyone knows mostly everyone in their grade, if not personally they at least know who they are.
A few teachers like Mrs. Mizell, Mrs. Brown, and Mr. Cunningham were willing to go above and beyond to help students. Some teachers (Mr.Mcbeth) were great teachers but showed favorites occasionally. I think the worst teacher is Mrs. Gusky. She is a nice lady but is more of a friend than a teacher, looses assignments then claims they were never turned in, and barely teaches anything.
I had a great four years at my old high school and I would chose to go their again because I loved all of my teachers and they were very supportive.
Teachers communicate very affectively and are always available for help outside of class. Teachers often use real world examples to relate lessons to students.
The teachers are always available.
I feel safe at school.
Marching band, rifle and tennis keeps me busy throughout the school year.
Marching band, rifle and tennis makes school enjoyable.
The teachers are always available.
The school security is very good
There are many activities for me to chose frrom
This school has taught me so much and its very fun
All of the teachers at McGuffey are very engaging
McGuffey High School has very good academics.
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McGuffey's extracurricular activities are great. There are activities for every group of people.
Most of our teachers are very good at their job and are very nice to work with. Some teachers are not though.
McGuffey's academics are very nice in most departments. However, our science department not so much.
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