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I really enjoy how the teachers are very involved in the students. But there is a lack of respect from the students to not only each other but towards the teachers. I also would like to see long class periods for classes, rather then short periods. I don't feel like I had enough time each day to absorb the information, with the time provided, especially with the new homeroom system. This is a good school but I wish there could be little things changed about the environment to make it more personal to the student to respect and value the school their going to.
The school its self has a lot of nice things. Last year we got a laser engraver, plasma cutter, CNC wood router, 3D printers, and a mini mill. For being a small school we have a good variety of classes and we have some fine arts classes like Band and Choir, which are both really nice. I enjoy being apart of my class and the student body because the teachers actually listen to us and are here to make us better.
like any cafeteria it isn't the best,but better than college
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They are very leanant and work with students, but also know when to keep the line drawn and have boundaries. they also are good at fitting a punishment well for the situation.
This school has better sports and fitness than most triple A schools do.. its impeccable.
small classes are awesome for help individually but not so great for getting off track a lot..
For a small town there is so much to be involved in and you can do it all! there are no tryouts, and it gives you a chance to try new things and get highly involved.
its crazy moving from a small town to a big city, but I think I adapted well. there are things I like about each!
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