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My experience here was very positive. I admire how interconnected all the clubs were with the student body. The teachers were all willing to help any student, no matter their situation. I would like to see better or more diverse food items in the lunch menu. This would be appreciated because a large percentage of the students get either free or reduced lunch.
McGregor High School is the perfect size for an incoming freshman, who known nothing about what life is like in High School. At MHS, everybody knows everybody which only brings its teachers, students, administrators closer together. They offer various extra curricular activities including Sports, Band, Art, Drama, Welding, Robotics and Rockets. McGregor High School truly has something for everyone to do and participate in.
McGregor High School is wonderful! It is like a family and you are treated well and loved. If you are a student who struggles, the teachers are always there to help you. I have loved being here for 4 years of high school. The administration is always here for you and work to make us as students better. I am so thankful to be part of this school!
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Overall I just think it's a great school. I feel like it was a friendly and welcoming school. Although it was a small school, I loved it because I felt like I could get more academic help when I needed it. Great teachers too, always willing to help. I loved the people and teachers. Made great relationships with them and made memories that I will always remember. The school keeps growing and has more to offer ever year! I love the community that we are.
I love McGregor high school, it feels like home away from home. if i could i wouldnt change a thing. Every thing is amazing there no one can top them.
McGregor High School is full of diversity and multiple cultures. It is such a tight knit school, from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, you know literally everyone. You honestly never meet a stranger at MHS because they're all so loving and friendy. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school because MHS has set the bar extremely high.
I really love that teachers are extremely involved and help you out with any problems you encounter along the way. Something I like to see happen is more parent involement.
McGregor is a great school district to be apart of, everyone is welcomed in and it's as if we were all just one great big family. I've attended McGregor ever since I began my schooling, and I couldn't have asked to be apart of any other school district. The teachers and staff are all great people and work hard to assure the students get the support and attention needed to succeed. McGregor is a great school and has been a home to many people.
McGregor High School is a very great experience for not just academics, but for extracurricular and social activities. The faculty and staff strive for students to not just graduate, but to develop and establish our niche to set up a future for ourselves.
McGregor is a very tight knit school. I've enjoyed growing up in this small town. Going to a small school has given me so many opportunities to do many sports and be involved in many school activities.
I loved this school, it's in a small community and everyone was extremely nice. The teachers took pride in teaching and brought joy to the students . They have many sports you can join and good technology to keep students up to date. They have an amazing football program that I enjoyed and was apart of .
One things I would change is I'd make the building more modern.
Teachers know we tend to gets lots of homework and have test every week. So, they manage to help and give test different days so we can manage to do great on all of our test. Same as homework teachers know we have jobs, sports, band things that keep us busy after school so they manage to help us by giving us time during class.
Students at McGregor don't judge at all and that's what's great about this school! Every human being is differ net and no one is perfect but we know that's how life is and it's not our place to judge.
We have the best clubs at McGregor that help students get to know new people and explore new things!
Highschool at McGregor has been an amazing adventure for me! I love the school how it goes beyond and helps you become such an amazing human being!
I love Mcgregor highschool so much not only for the education but for the people we have there! The McGregor community is a big family! The teachers strive and dedicate themselves for us not only to be a successful person but be a generous person in life and teach us how to become successful in our next chapter! I'm so bless to have such amazing teachers that worked so hard and helped me graduate as a Bulldog!
All the teachers in mcgregor are approachable, skilled very highly in teaching techniques, show interest, and very willing to help if needed.
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Small town but a LARGE focus on security. I have not felt unsafe a school day in my life.
I wish we had more offered but what I am able to be a part of are some AMAZING organizations. I love them, but again I just wish there were more available.
Honestly, I enjoy it the majority of the time, but sometimes I feel like I am just missing out. Our school is small so it doesn't offer as much as bigger schools. I will say that itself can be a 'pro' in certain contexts, but when referring to student organizations and diverse course selection, it is lacking.
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