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I love how the teachers know all the students! They are always there for students and help them with school work and anything that the students need!
I really liked my experience at my school. Ive been there my whole life and never really faced the problems that other people in my generation have experienced such as bullying and prejudice. McGraw is a small school but that smallness creates a sense of community that really brings people together.
McGraw High School is part of a close-knit community and that fact is very noticeable.. which can be a good and a bad thing. Bad thing is that the closeness of this school makes new students feel unwelcome which should not be allowed. Good thing is that the students form something of a family away from home and they have people to depend on.
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I really like my small school in my small town. There is a limited amount of sports involved because we are so small but the experience is fun when you play on a team. Making friends is really easy when you involve yourself in school sports and other activities such as student council or the school play. I am involved in Varsity Soccer, Student Council, the school play, I also like to volunteer with dinners and dances and it has helped me really get to know my classmates better. The teachers are very helpful and always go out of their way to assist a student in need. Although I think it would be a good experience to attend a bigger school because they have more activities and opportunities, I do like the school that I attend and I would recommend it to anyone that asks my opinion.
The food can sometimes be very appetizing or very unappetizing. There are a few simple foods that are the obvious favorites of the student body. There are many options for students if they do not enjoy the hot meal that is prepared. There is always a side of pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, wraps, yogurt, soup, or other sandwiches. Sometimes the sides are not very appetizing and sometimes there is not enough food served to students for the main course. For example, pizza dippers are exactly what they are called but we are only given two small dippers when we should be getting at least one or two more. I know that they are trying to make food healthy for the students but minimizing our food portion is not the root of our unhealthy eating habits. I like the idea that there is always a side dish of fruit with our meals and I guess that counts for the healthy part. My opinion is that you should always bring your lunch because then at least there is less to complain about.
Some are very smart and want to do their best. Some are ready to retire! Most take on additional responsibilities because we are so small.
Too small to allow for diversity. One main group of achievers and then the rest of us. Some kids are heroes, the majority aren't. It's hard.
McGraw is small, but bullying is everywhere. Se have good security practicesand everyone in the community looks out for the students.
We need more opportunities, more clubs, more sports, more extracurricular, more creative classes. Our funding is too tight and we are losing programs.
i have a lot of good expirences in my school most of the teachers are friendly and you are able to get help from them. you get to also have some time to visit with your friends.what makes my school unique? The long bells.
Students can easily seek help from most teachers, wether it be for academics or for more serious situations like bullying or house hold issues. some of the dress code rules i disagree with like girls not being able to wear shirts unlesss they can place 3 fingers on their sleeves.
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