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McGinnis Woods Country Day School Reviews

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Consistant, nice and engaging. Even health and counciling were fun
People always had time for me, they tried. And with attendance, I never had to get a doctors note or anything (even though I was sick kind of alot), they trust students and parents.
There's a library and a computer lab. And the guidance counciler was always helpful with my problems :)
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I didnt have any real friends. Im the kind of person, who will be close to maby 5% of people, and numbers wise, at mcginnis woods I was 10% of my class in eight grade. I fit in public school better.
My classmates weren't nice and I was lonely, but I would never feel threated there. And I personally knew the nurse and felt like I could come to her with problems, and her health class actually taught us many things, something I can't really say about my current school.
There wasn't many, but the sports there were the absolute best
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