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McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Reviews

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McGill-Toolen has given me a great education through many challenging classes and fulfilling opputunities. Through my years, my guidance counselors have pushed me to reach my highest potential through academics and a wide range of extracurricular activities. My teachers have also always wanted the best for me inside and outside of school through moral guidance and frequent encouragement for me to believe that I have the potential to achieve my dreams. I believe McGill-Toolen Catholic High School offers an excellent education because of the most important aspect of a High School: a nurturing and competitive environment that instills in you life-long values.
I gained a family here. Some students here are not that genuine but overall, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.
Good experience. Although they focus on catering to football players too much. I'd like to see them focus on everyone equally. They have a good broadcasting department just a really bad teacher. my kid loved the classes but had to leave them due to her. Coaches should not be teachers, she was.. Selfish young women should not be teachers, she was. She was also way too active on social media. worse yet she gave credit to someone for a video my child worked hard on. This is what he wants to major in. He was very upset. This school costs way too much money to allow footballers to go for free. To pay for bad teachers.
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It is a great school that offers opportunities for a diverse amount of people. I enjoy everything that this school has offered me in the passed four years. It has ultimately prepared me to be college ready.
McGill-Toolen Catholic High School is a Christ centered atmosphere where the teachers, staff, Administration wants each student to be successful. The curriculum is rigorous but the teachers are well prepared to teach the material. If you can’t understand the material McGill provides multiple resources to help you succeed. The student body supports our athletes in all sports with great enthusiasm and pride. There is no better place than Friday nights at the Lip! Cheering for my high school has been the best experience and I was so blessed to be apart of the cheer team. McGill has provided me with life skills and friendships that will last a lifetime. McGill-Toolen is truly a special place!
I love our campus ministry, Athletics, and teachers for the most part. This year, especially I have had great teachers who push me to prepare for a college setting. I am very involved with multiple clubs and being part of the SGA allows me to see our student body more fully. I admire our class and all we do to participate in events and support our school community in all aspects: sports, homecoming...etc.
I have been enrolled at Mcgill for 4 years now. The councilor is absolutely amazing! She has helped me struggle through my learning disability and ADHD. I am not giving my high school a 5 out of 5 because I had a terrible math teacher freshman which landed me in summer school. I had 3 different tutors throughout that year. Overall it is a great school!
McT is a very good school in regards to education. The teachers are extremely supportive and always do their best to ensure that their students receive the best education possible. The clubs available at McT are various and, based off of the clubs I am apart of, very helpful for the Mobile community. I am extremely pleased to say that I am apart of the upcoming Annunciation program, which is a peer-mentoring program dedicated to ensuring that children with special needs feel welcome in the halls of McT.
I don't have any complaints. My time at McGill has been awesome! I would love for my children and childrens children to attend this school. I arrived at McGill Toolen my sophomore year of high school. I thought that I would be nervous being that I was a new student and all but however they proved me very wrong. The warmth of the students and teachers just over whelmed me. This environment has made me do nothing but strive for the best because they exspect nothing but the best from you and if I had to make the choice all over again I would make the same decision to attend McGill Toolen. Thanks for making my high school years unforgettable.
All four years at McT have been a good experience. I have met many new friends. I love how all my teachers were willing to help me with whatever I needed. I have grown in my faith by going to McT and being able to learn more about my Catholic religion.
McGill-Toolen Catholic is an awesome private Catholic school. The academic standards are high which has prepared me to succeed at the college level. The school and facility allow me to express my religious beliefs in a educational setting. The one thing I would recommend would be more transportation options for freshman students that can’t drive yet.
Overall, McGill Toolen is a pretty good school. They definitely prepare one for college. The administration is ok and the teachers are all pretty nice. Academics is very well and the teachers are all pretty great except a few. The counselor Mrs. Falzini is one of the best because she is always ahead of the game preparing us for what to expect in the life ahead of us. McT is a pretty great school and no matter what flaws it may have it is definitely a great place to send a child yearning for a great education.
As a parent I could not be happier with the 4 years my son has spent at MCT. The excellent teachers and the environment of kindness and christian values has developed my son for collage in all aspects. My son has a learning disability that all his teachers worked with. He was able in 4 years to move from the lower academic achievement scale to the above average scale. This is truly an amazing school!
McGill Toolen has allowed for me to grow in my faith while having challenging core classes. The teachers are open and want to see you succeed. As a small catholic school in the south we also have a wide variety of updated technology such as we use ipads for all subjects and several different online sources for uploading documents.
The staff at McGill are awesome. They take the time with every kid and parent to make sure we all understand the curriculum, school and teach expectations and are always willing to lend an extra helping hand.
I liked that McGill prepared me for college. I'm in my freshmen year and while other students are struggling, it a breeze for me. While at McGill, I took honors and AP courses that help me to study well and I received credits for taking and passing AP courses. I didn't like the athletic parts of it due to coaches not being fair with their players.
While no school is perfect, I really enjoyed my time at McGill Toolen. The quality of the education I received there was far superior to that of many other schools in the area. Also, I appreciated the school's disciplinary methods. While the administration was a little too strict in some areas, students were not allowed to get away with nearly as much as in some schools, which allowed students to learn without being distracted by troublemakers.
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Attending McGill-Toolen Catholic High School was a blessing I will never be able to repay. It contains the most genuine human beings and also helps one to develop a closer relationship with the Lord. McGill-Toolen constantly pushed me to be my best self, to always give 100%. I miss it more and more each day, though I will forever be grateful for what it gave me. The people I encountered during my four years are my lifelong companions and best friends. I found my family at this incredible high school.
McGill is an amazing school with great teachers! I always feel at home amd it is very easy to make new friends. Also, I have never seen a fight there, and I am a senior! I wouldn’t recommend any other school.
Mcgill Toolen prepared me very well for not only college but life in general the academics were outstanding as well as the sports program.
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