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I would describe my experience with McGehee High School as pretty good. For a small town, the academics are pretty great, but our facilities are terrible. The school is not cleaned very well. Some of the experienced teachers are amazing. A new STEM program was started, and that was a great step forward for our school.
I loved how no one just gave me a grade. You definitely earn your grade as well as your diploma. They have multiple after school programs that provides extra help if it is needed.
McGehee High Schools has one of the math and science programs in the state. I love the one on one teaching that is available to students do to the student to teacher ratio. I would like to see the extracurricular department change, in the aspect there needs to be more to available.
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McGehee high school has been a great experience for me over the years. I have been taught for the first time ever, rather well, extremely well if i'm being honest. These years that i have been going to school I have only went to two different schools and no doubt can i say that i would have loved to have been going to Mcgehee my whole life instead of these three almost four years that I have been going here. I wouldn't change a single at the school. it is great the way it is and I am very proud of the school that I go to.If someone needs a recommendation for a school to switch or transfer to then I would highly recommend Mcgehee as an aption.
Best high school ever. Learned something new daily and the new class environment was amazing. The teachers knew exactly how to make you feel at home and make sure you learned what you needed to succeed in the future. I am a MHS Alumni! I love my high school.
I like how the teachers make sure that you learn the subject . Mcgehee make sure that as a senior you are taken good care of fro graduation and are ready for the future.
My experience of going to Mcgehee High School was an overall a great four year experience for me .I enjoyed the activities that was given while I was attending that school. I only wish that the school had more sports that was given such as soccer ,or a swim team.
The scheduling was okay ,usually you would get a sheet with the future classes you would like to take ,but sometimes it would get full and you would.have to choose something else .or if your schedule is not to your liking you can always change before the deadline is up
The art clubs are fun to do .the after school activities are amazing and it helps you by getting involved with your local community.
This college is amazing .this college had the major that I wanted ,it offered great school activities ,and the tutoring sessions are amazing.and the academic advisors are always there to help
The teachers here are hardworking .There offer after school tutoring .its very easy to contact the professor through email whenever you have a question to ask them .
at mcgehee school we have a bunch of con current credit classes which is great for me.
We dont really have alot of extracurricular activities besides sports. im not in sports
Being in high school has been a very upsetting, long, educational route.
Many of our teachers are very caring and willing to help their students to the best of the ability they have. We dont have a very good tutoring program although some teachers stay later to help.
The teachers are fair and give equality to the students when it comes to grading papers. They also show respect to the students and other staff. They give grades fairly and they help the students when they need it.
Its normal but there is bullying.
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Although we do have different clubs, there are not as much activities within each club.
I enjoy this school. I wouldnt change a thing because the educational and athletic program is excellent.
As far as teaching they do what they have to do..but as far as extra help maybe.
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