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The school is nice. Some teachers are okay, some are not. It's kinda unorganized due to the huge amount of students. However, I like it so far and I want to see it get more organized.
While I was attending McGavock High School, my experience was absolutely amazing. In my four years of attending McGavock I have gained lifelong friendships and relationships.
Mcgavock High school has great diversity and the subject matter is challenging in a good way! I would recommend focusing more on how teachers are teaching and how they can be even better! I would also like to be able to be involved in more clubs besides the typical ones.
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I liked that there was so much to be involved in. Our principle told us our freshman year to get involved otherwise school will be boring. So get involved!
One thing I would change creating place where students can go that actually want help. A place where a counselor is there to help you when you need help and not just "pushing you along."
McGavock High School has come a long way. Many people think it is still a bad school but that just is not true anymore. We have one of the most diverse schools with every race you could think of. Our pathway programs can get you working making $20 an hour right out of high school! There’s so many opportunities and chances for someone like me who has no family history of college. The school has opened my eyes to the real world and I highly intend to send my children here in the future.
Mcgavock High School was a okay school. I enjoyed the sports program at this school a lot. We weren't always good but it was something that kept me out of trouble in Mcgavock. If I wasn't involed in sports at this school I feel as if I would have fallen into the bad parts of Mcgavock. As long as you kept your mind on the educational part of Mcgavock then you would be okay.
I liked how the teachers who cared about teaching and what they do, really cared a lot. The security at school and the rules have to be enforced more strictly with students for them to fall in line.
McGavock was a great place to make friends and learn. The staff was great and always willing to help and was more like family than anything else.
Overall not a bad school. Academic rigor is lacking for the most part, but there are plenty of opportunities available for any extracurricular or class you want. I’ve never had anyone be anything but nice to me while I was there, and I know i couldn’t say the same if i went to any other high school around me.
Loved it! Teachers and staff really care about students and increasing their educational experiences.
Overall a good school. They offer lots of courses that can help with college planning. It is also a very diverse school.
McGavock High School offers many opportunities in programs, clubs, and academics. What I would like to see is students taking more advantage of those opportunities.
Although Mcgavock is not perfect it was still a great school. There is a little something for everyone in the school that they would like. Some very great teachers that actually care about your well being and your grades.
I enjoyed the diversity of the school. It's like multiple high schools in one with it still being one of the largest highschools. The college prep would be something I'd like to see improve the assistance or notifications of scholarships for all students.
I loved McGavock high class of 2012. Teachers were so helpful throughout my years there and my guidance counselor too. Wouldn’t want too see a change our principle is great leader to all the students they want to see students succeed.
The academies at McGavock are fantastic and have given me plenty of opportunities to pursue my career field before I even graduate.
I love McGavock High School due to the fact that the principle has the school under control. I also enjoyed McGavock due to the fact they provided me with several job opportunities.
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There were many things I did like about my time at McGavock, very rarely did I have a bad teacher or a class I couldn't stand. There were a few that seemed pointless and the teacher unenthusiastic but it was pretty solid, all in all. The other students were never terrible to me and even my worst class was always bearable. The broken online testing systems were my biggest complaint, and seemed to be a great waste of time for all grades.
Mcgavock has been a wild ride. There have been many classes where I sit there wondering what on earth this class even exists for (because I learn nothing). There are some teachers that are always mad at the world and for some reason hate kids, despite them knowing they would have to work with kids. However, the teachers that helped prepare me for college by giving me more than busy work, good feedback, and teaching me life lessons have made McGavock an overall good experience.
I liked how some of the teachers were involved and opened opportunities for some students. Also, a lot of the teachers played favorites so it outshined a lot of the other students.
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