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McFatter Technical College and High School Reviews

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My experience at mcfatter has been nothing but amazing. Everyone was so kind to help me figure out what steps I needed to take. The counslor I have met up with helped me incredibly and made my experience that much better.
This is a very good school if you are looking on ways to pursue and learn more about a career you would like to do in the future while taking classes normal high school classes
McFatter Technical High School is an absolutely amazing school! The teachers and staff are very helpful and do their best to prepare the students for their futures whether they're going right into college or heading into the workforce. I found that the student body is also one of the best things about McFatter, not only is it a smaller school but the students are very welcoming and kinder than most would expect.
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I absolutely love the unique and driven atmosphere surrounding McFatter! All students have a desire to learn and grow and the school offers lots of opportunities for growth.
It is a great school that allows the students to gain information in the field they are interested in with hands-on experiences.
It has great diversity and gets you well prepared for college and secondary education. I like the fact that I can graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree. However, a sports program would be great.
I liked that fact that McFatter is a generally small school, which makes it a lot easier to get to know all of my classmates and teachers. The teachers are all good a their jobs and are really supportive of all of their students. Overall I enjoyed my time at McFatter and I wouldn't chance a thing about my high school experiences.
The small number of students makes the teacher to student interaction more personal. I felt as though my individual needs were met as a student. The setup of the school as being a technical high school prepared all the students for success after high school. I felt that students who can not afford college still had a chance with their technical degree. My tech degree got me a job at the age of 18 in my field that helped me pay for my college. The food was excellent, the clubs were diverse, and the overall atmosphere was friendly and accepting.
I enjoy the school very much and would recommend it to others. The school is very small with 142 students in my graduating class. All classes are honors or given ap. Also when you are in 10th grade you get to pick a technical program. So you graduate school with another certificate and you are able to get a job or a foot into something you enjoy.
McFatter has a friendly environment with an open campus that gives a college campus feel. This school offers a variety of AP classes that gives students a head start and a chance to earn college credits. I enjoy the small school size and how it is not crowded with people. The classes are a fair size and it is easier to learn with a teacher that is able to help you one on one. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone considering what high school to go to.
I like how the teacher are friendly and knowledgeable. Some of the staff are very pushy but overall I would say it is okay. I wouldn't recommend it because of the problems that I notice other student had when I attended Mcfatter.
McFatter Technical High School not only offers a high school education, but gives you the opportunity to leave with a technical certificate. They have free programs available in computer technologies, the medical field, TV production, culinary and so much more. The high school has a few number of students compared to others, which gives you more one on one time with teachers and advisement. Upon graduation, the teachers associated with technical program even assist you in finding a job that will help you gain experience and build up your resume.
McFatter has a relaxed atmosphere in the sense that there are never any fights or big drama so compared to other schools it's very relaxed. Academically, everyone has the same classes the first two years, until Junior year when you decide on what program you want to go into. Do you research not only on that career but also on the teachers. You might love the career but the teacher might be a waste of your time, or not. Food is great if you are hoping to buy lunch from the cafeteria everyday, if you're getting free lunch, bring your own food. Overall, if you're a good student it shouldn't be a problem getting through 4 years, and if you pick a program you actually like, you'll enjoy your last two years too.
McFatter has a sense of community and comfort that comes from being in a small school where you know everyone. You become very close with some of the teachers and the staff at the office. This becomes useful when you need letters of recommendation. The students have a lot of liberty, especially in the junior and senior year. You get more of a college feel than a high school where a teacher asks what you are doing. However, I would say that the school lacks a lot of spirit and that there is not as much rigor as you initially think. The freshman and sophomore years are hard, even more so if you take all the APs in 10th grade. But junior and senior year do not provide rigor to keep the student ready for their college studying. Overall, it is a safe and calm environment. The technical programs help you one way or another: A friend wanted to work with computers, but after being in the networking program for 2 years, he decided to change his major which saves him money in the long run.
Very easy to work with administrators, tuition is affordable, and offers a variety of degrees and certification that are quick to earn but highly involved.
Great school. The school is Merit based, but still is able to incorporate many extra curricular programs to suit the students within the school.
Overall, I loved attending McFatter. The faculty and staff were very helpful and kind, and the students were friendly, and I met my best friends here!
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McFatter Technical College and High School is different from other schools. This school is geared more towards having their students leave with a work certificate instead of packing all of these classes on you for your grades.
I loved attending McFatter Technical College and High School, it was different than a regular high school but offered technical programs that were great stepping stones for the future once we graduated. Great opportunities! I would recommend anyone!
McFatter’s technical programs were the selling point for me. I advise you to take advantage of whatever program you choose. I am a senior walking away with an industry certification thanks to my technical program. You are able to walk away with industry certifications in many of these programs. This is extremely helpful for college applications and for starting off a career.
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