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McFarland high school is a great, clean, and safe building. However, it does not quite have the resources to give kids the opportunity to get as many AP credits as possible. Many students from other schools come to college with 15-20+ AP credits, but at McFarland, the AP offerings are slim and should be expanded.
It was easy to go talk to the counselors. What I would change would be to eliminate Standards Based Grading.
this school is absolutely terrible. they don't do anything about bullying. they take serious subjects like they're nothing and not serious subjects serious. almost all the students are rude and unaware of the "real world".
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Good nurses, good security and access measures to school
Good support for extracurriculars at the school, administration gives assistance
Growing up in McFarland, it's easy to have a really great time because you know everyone. From my experience, there aren't too many cliques and if you put yourself out there you can get along fine with just about everyone.
Most teachers go above and beyond for students. There are certain exceptions, but the current administration goes above and beyond to ensure that respect goes both ways between students and teachers.
the shcool has a great health program and the nurce is nice but no in all the time
They are okay some are awesome and some are not good at all.
McFarland high school is a good school for academic and athletics
I really love the teachers. Administration was ok.
This high school is like any other high school. Peer pressure occurs in some levels and social cliques are highly prevalent.
Colleges need to start recruiting here. We do have a high amount of military and marine recruits on the other hand.
The teachers here are very helpful. They are willing to stay after school to further help their students.
The principal was very much involved and aware of the school's enviornment. He would also highly encourage students to volunteer in activities.
I love the sports atmosphere at our school. My time playing sports had been awesome. As anybody would know, our student sections are rowdy, and if it wasn't for our AD, they'd be a lot more fun. He prohibits almost all cheering and distributes athletic suspensions to people just on the rumor that they drank alcohol. He's also our football coach so of course they never have gotten athletic suspensions or lacked funding
Students strive to do their best at McFarland High School.
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Lots of variety! Always healthy? No.
Top notch facilities! Constantly getting redone and reconstructed!
They are all really understanding and they are all down to earth! They are extremely involved in the school and they know what they are teaching.
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