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My experience at McFarland High School has been great. The teachers here are very caring, and actually care about the students' well being. I love attending this school and I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other high school. Although this school is great, I would like to see the ID policy change.
This is a great high school even though are opportunities are limited. Often I am upset, that cannot not fall in love, but i guess. This avoid the stress of falling out it.
McFarland’s environment is very welcoming both the teachers and students. I have lived in McFarland my whole life from preschool to my last year,which I’m currently a senior. McFarland is such a small community very united.
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McFarland Highschool is iconic. The place has so many forms of family and community in and outside the school. There are usually so many people touring the town and highschool because of our Disney movie, McFarland USA. It has basically put our crazy small town on the map and made us appreciate everything and everyone alot more. If you were to tourist McFarland you would get the feeling of triumph from a place so small with a huge impact.
The school's buildings are somewhat old, but the newer building is very nice. Some teachers are just not qualified to teach, since they don't give any work to the students or teach properly. Other teachers are very good and care for their students, encouraging them to pursue higher education and giving advice on scholarships. There seems to be some sort of bias from the school's administration towards hiring certain persons with personal ties among them.
When I first entered McFarland High School I was just fourteen years old. Of course it was something new for me until I was then assigned a upper classmate student to be my guide throughout my high school years. Belyn was her name, she was also considered a focus leader because she would focus on how I was doing. My focus leader was a big help for my group and I. She gave us a tour around the school and gave us the best advice which was to work hard or we will regret it. Once I was comfortable with the school I realized that everyone else was as kind as my focus leader, including the counselors. They encouraged us with our academics and tried to make the best out of our years. Now that I am a senior I realized that we have the best counselors here at McFarland High and that with their help the students life can change tremendously. If there were something I would like to see change is the amount of counselors we can have, so more students can change.
In my perspective my experience at McFarland High School was the best high school experience I could’ve ever asked for. The staff is amazing they never seem to disappoint. One thing that really stuck out to me what the fact that they don’t see you as a number and are involved with you and your academics to make sure that you are successful in the long run.
It is a small school and everyone feel accepted. All the staff want better for their students. The athletics is very good and excel in most sports.
Towards the end, especially when I was a senior, I had amazing teachers who supported and helped me towards applying for college and scholarships as well as keeping me on track in my classes.
Don't get me wrong the school was somewhat great but only because I had my friends around. The counselors aren't so motivating. One of the counselors made me lose hope in attending a university and always recommended I went to a community college knowing I had way miren opportunties. I wish they cared more about what you really wanted.
What I liked about McFarland High School was that all the teachers I had were able to help me when I did not understand something. The teachers actually took the time to help me out they are also really friendly as well as the counselors there. what I would like for it to change is that they been too strict on the dress code i think they should just make the students wear uniforms so they would stop having problems.
McFarland has to be one of the best schools I have ever attended. The counselors are very helpful and they're super supportive. Everyone here aims to go to college with help of the counselors.
My experience with McFarland High School has been great. What I like about the school is that everyone knows each other and are friendly so one always feels welcome. The teachers are friendly as well, therefore, they help students with their academics and push us to graduation and college. Parent involvement and student motivation to learn are some of the top priorities of McFarland High School.
Some changes that can be made about the school is to expand it because more and more students are coming in to the school and some classrooms do not have enough desks. McFarland High School had the highest graduation rate in Kern county in 2016 and this school year the students and administration are striving for a higher rate. It's motivation for success makes me proud to attend this high school.
McFarland High School is a great high school. The teachers are excellent and will help you whenever and if you need to talk to a counselor, they will be there for you. Although there are not many resources, the teachers does their best to give us the best education they can.
I loved all the different clubs that are available in Mcfarland. The teachers really cared and prepared the students to help themselves.
The workload given from teachers at McFarland High is manageable. Nothing is giving to students that they cannot handle and if they say they "can't" it is soloy because they did not pay attention in class. They lost focus or did not even care to pay attention. The teachers on the other hand try their best to teach, but do not really emphasis the need to learn. They tend to focus on those students who care to learn rather then those who do not.
Students at my high school are not typically accepting of everything or everyone. They fear the judgement of their peers and that is sad. The majority of the students do not get involved or do what they want to do because of what someone might say. The students focus more on who is talking about them then their classes. They lose focus and motivation.
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There are a couple of extracurricular activities offered at McFarland High like Club Ed, Travel Club, Unidos, Writing Club, Cross Country, Football and all those sorts of things, but there is not a lot of student participation. Most Students rarely or sometimes even never participate in clubs or sports. Our administration does not do their best to contribute students to go out and be involved more. It is very sad to see that my school does not do it's best as it can.
What makes my school; McFarland High so unique is the size. Yes, it is small compared to other schools, but that's the part most individuals don't realize. The smaller the school is the more recognition a student receives. There is fewer students in a class and that allows the teacher to work more with students one on one. Some teachers do not even know their students well enough because of the big classroom sizes. That is not a problem at McFarland High. Also, having a small school allows students to walk to their classes at ease. They do not have to run from classroom to classroom like other schools.
The teachers at McFarland High are not the best everyone wishes for, but they do take pride in what they do and that is educating. They try their hardest for students to understand the material and apply it to their daily lives. The effort they put in goes unrecognized and that is a big problem that we need to acknowledge.
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