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McEwen high school is a small but friendly school. I love my school. The few flaws it has just adds to the high school experience.
McEwen High School was a good school to go to. McEwen is a smaller town so I really enjoyed the smaller class sizes. Every high school has its own set of problems, but MHS holds the community together. The students are brought up to respect everyone. MHS loves to advocate and support everyone in the community.
I spent my entire early education at McEwen. I walked through every hall of the elementary, middle, and high school. I am who I am today because of my experiences in that community.
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I attend Mcewen High school, the school is overall not healthy. They never have soap nor paper towels in the restrooms, also in one of the restrooms a toilet leaks which is causing the floor to rot. We have to walk from the high school to the elementary to eat lunch and while it isn't a huge issue it is still an issue due to some students it takes longer than 5mins to get there. The lines get overly crowded and they run out of food most days so we get stuck with peanut butter and jelly and after the students only get 10mins to get out of a 30min lunch break and we have to wait till 1 in the afternoon to eat lunch. The school needs attention!
I am a high school senior and my overall experience at McEwen High School has been pretty average. The teachers and administrators are incredible. The clubs are incredible as well; I was able to experience things I typically would not be able to. Kids with medical problems get comments made to them by teachers and fellow classmates and there should more educated with medical issues with students and classmates.
This has been the best school I've attended thus far. The teachers and staff are good at their jobs and connect with students. The environment is a learning experience in and of itself, and my peers at this school are helpful and inclusive of each other. I am quite impressed with the strong community feeling that is always present here.
McEwen High School is a very good. The teachers really care about you, and helping you with your future. Since it's such a small community you have ever one the lean on. One of the things I would change about it though is how we don't get much money. A lot of our things are very old and has been used a lot of times. If we had some more things then we would have a better opportunity to get an even better education.
One of the best things about McEwen High School is that everyone fits in here. There is hardly any bullying that takes place, and a family atmosphere is portrayed at all times.
McEwen High School is a wonderful institution full of bright students and incredible teachers. With an involved community, amazing chances, and plenty of clubs to join, any student can succeed and prosper at school.
As a student of McEwen high school I can proudly say that I love my school environment. Our student body consists of under 400 students, making things more personal. The student to teacher ratio is much smaller so you get more one on one learning and you don't get lost in the system.
The teachers at this school show great interest for the students who attend this school and to the students who once attended. They like hearing about all the good things that are happening in previous students lives and the things that current students want to happen. They try and answer every question we have whether it be school related or real life situations.
Apart from the teachers, the people who go here are rather friendly. There are still clicks just like in every other school, but here it seems like everybody gets along. The reason for this may be because it's such a small school with a small population. Either way, people here are quite friendly.
The instructors at McEwen High are in general not very good at their job. They tend to just teach just for the end of course test. They don't seem to care whether or not each individual student actually comprehends what they are teaching. Students need an instructor who generally enjoys their job. Teachers who enjoy their job usually try harder to make sure each student understands what exactly they are being taught.
I wish that we had more variety of classes to take like ball room dancing instead of Physical Education.
McEwen High school students are very involved in volunteering and clubs.
This school is very open to many students any race or ethnicity.
There are good teachers at this school. They help you if you have questions.
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Their is many clubs like FBLA, FFA, STEM, and PEP Club.
The are barely and bullying at our school. If there are the principal takes care of them pretty seriously and their are security cameras and school police man so it is very safe.
I feel that my overall experience at this school is okay. My wish is that we had more options. However, this school is unique on having the right amount of students that most teacher are able to remember the student names and who they are.
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