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My school has excellent facilities and is very sports-oriented, but I would like to see the same level of attention placed onto academics and fine arts.
It's a great school I've been there for four years it is my last year the teachers are great they care for the students. Some of the students can be disrespectful but that doesn't mean all of them all. We have a great sports program and a lot of options.
I love the school.. it is so much like a college campus . Open school grounds.
Great teachers and counselors. I never had a problem with the school in general or with my son attending.
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The teachers really care about their students and do whatever they can to ensure the student is learning and succeeding. The campus is very diverse and offers a large variety of clubs and activities to be involved in.
McEachern is a very diverse schools that allows you to mix with many different cultures. I would like to see the maintenance in some of the buildings change because in some buildings there is yellow water coming from the water fountains.
I think this school is about opportunities. They have so many electives and the process of taking them sets you up more than most high schools so that you have some idea of what you see yourself doing in the future. It's a large school, amazing food, a bit of involvement you just have to get out there. I enjoyed the majority of my teachers - I found that most of them really do care although their students may not. A bunch of AP and honors options as well!
McEachern was a good school. It was my senior year when I moved to this district so I am probably a little bias since I did not spend all 4 years there. Overall though, the teachers and staff were great! Always nice and ready to lend a hand. They had great activities to do there and the sports were always great to watch. The place is HUGE and in a way it prepared me for college because we always have to walk across campus to get places and the teachers and there essays, definitely prepared me also. I don’t have anything bad to say about my time there! I actually can say this was the best year of my high school life
I love Mceachern High School because the campus is very big. They have alot of oppurtunitys such as class wise and clubs also.
I love this school and all of the opportunities it has brought me and all the friends I have made by attending this wonderful school.
I like McEachern High School. Overall the teachers I have had have been great (in honors and AP courses) and they really want to see you succeed. Also, if you enjoy sports this is a great school to attend because it is very sports oriented. The school really wants to see you do great and are not super strict. Some things they could improve on is the quality of the bathrooms and amount of diversity in clubs and activities provided.
The faculty made Mceachern a great high school. The large campus helps students get aquatinted to college life in finding classes and using time management. If i could improve anything about the school it would be the studnet participation in all sports and activities. To ensure everyone supports eachother in their interests.
I liked McEachern. It is very diverse and welcoming. I have attended McEachern for 4 years now and I plan on graduating in the spring of 2019. Over the past four years, I've been exposed to different cultures, languages, people, and much more. McEachern has helped shape me into the person and student I am today.
I've been going to McEachern all 4 years and it is overall a nice school. Teachers are willing to help when students are struggling and the staff has a very big impact on students. They bond with students and encourage them to do their best everyday.
There are so many opportunities for students to find their passion here. The variation of classes offered lets students go anywhere from Forensics to Auto Shop. The music program is EXCELLENT and prepares students for college-level music programs. Extracurriculars are amazing here as well.
McEachern High School is like a family. Everyone look out for one another and the bond is strong. The staff make sure that every student is on the right path. Teachers go out their way on a daily to make sure no student is left behind and that every student understands the curiculum.
I love the fact that McEachern High School offers a wide array of different courses that a lot of other schools don’t. For example, McEachern offers Zoology, Mythology, Psychology, Human Anatomy, Cosmetology and many, many more. I also love that McEachern has an open campus. It shows that the school trusts its students and also, prepares students for what college life might be like.
Not much of anything needs to change. Great staff and athletics programs! Teachers actually care! Many of the coaches are more like family than staff. Like they say, it takes a village to raise a child and they are proof of this in this new day and age.
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McEachern was a totally new environment for me as I have always been used to being the only black kid in all of my classes from being put in majority white schools. Going to this school actually helped me come out of my shell a bit and become more outgoing as I was no longer afraid to talk to others and just be outward with myself. The academics were also pretty good as the teachers were always willing to help and look out for the students. In addition, the diversity was amazing here. There are so many different races here that you won't feel left out wherever you go!
McEachern High School is a great school. The spirits at the school are high. The teaching staff, as well as counseling, and administration is wonderful. I've never had any problems out of McEachern! Athletics are also great if you're a student athlete.
Great school, love the campus, amazing athletics. I enjoyed every minute that I was on McEachern humongous campus. The food was good, activities were always fun. The classes helped me prepare for my first year of college that I already passed. I can truly say that my time at McEachern High School was probably the best times of my life so far.
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