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McDowell High School is an amazing public school her in Erie. Although there are many students it feels just as a small school would. During class I always feel as if there is some one helping me and pushing me to do my best. The staff is very supportive and helpful within preparing us for our future endeavores. As a senior my experience has been one I will remember for a long time.
Mcdowell is a great school. The teachers and staff are so warm welcoming believe in you and always there to help. They is just so many kids that getting ready for college is difficult. They have very bad student life there, no one really gets involved because they are too good but that’s not the schools faults
The administration does not always treat us as we should be treated. They spend too much money on things such as a practice football field instead of air conditioning!
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McDowell to me is what you make of it. There's no correct opinion, I like McDowell. It's crazy how close I am to being done. My advice to say would be, it's what you do in high school that determines your attitude in life.
I moved to this area halfway through eighth grade. I never new anything but pride and prejudice among the students in McDowell's attendance area. I faced some discrimination at the hands of these students for my religious beliefs (as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and the teachers at the middle school and the brief period I attended this school did nothing to stop it; indeed, many made my academic life harder by increasing my work load simply because I was educated in Colorado to that point in my life.
I like that there are so many opportunities to increase and find your interest for college and beyond. They provide so many classes and clubs for a lot of different topics.
While contradicting most of the in-depth ratings I have provided below, I must say... I dont really find the school to be all too, appealing for a lack of a better term. It's filled with drama and gossip almost to the point of overflowing. While the courses provided and the teachers who do teach them are great, the drama produced by the student body outranks both groups by at least a factor of 2 in prevalence on an average school day.
McDowell overall is a great school. The academics are beautiful and they offer so many different electives. The teachers and staff are amazing and treat students fairly with the upmost respect.
I thought going to McDowell was a great experience my only complaint would be how they didn't push students as hard as I would like them to. They tend to let things slide which I do not like. I am there to become educated and I was being educated for the most part. Yet it is clear that my expectations of the difficulty were not achieved. Overall however students and teachers were very kind and encouraging and the overall atmosphere at school is very cheerful. In my personal opinion I don't regret any of my time there it was a great experience and I would never change it.
McDowell is a great public high school for our area. The teachers are usually experts in their subjects. Sports are very important to this school, but other activities are offered as well.
My experience at McDowell High school was nothing short of eventful. From the interactions with various teachers to the overall school atmosphere, I truly enjoyed what McDowell had to offer. The numerous clubs and activities along with the esteemed teachers made McDowell a memorable experience.
They offer a wide selection of Electives for students to choose from, allowing almost anyone to find something they enjoy. The teacher are friendly and open and are very good at teaching their respective subject.
My experience with McDowell was average. I made a lot of friends and bonded with a few of the teachers. There were definitely a few employees that stood out, but overall I think this school does not adequately prepare high school students for college.
I spent my junior and senior year at McDowell after moving from Colombia, South America. I loved my HS career at McDowell, the faculty was always nice to me and they did their best to help with anything I needed. The students were really nice, I didn't encounter many racist comments but when it happened it was addressed immediately. Regarding clubs and activities, I had the honor of being part of the debate team and it was an incredible experience, not only the coach is funny and friendly if not the students create an atmosphere that makes you feel like if you are part of a special family. Overall my experience at McDowell HS was excellent, I highly recommend this HS to people who are looking into it. My advice to my underclassmen is to get involved, HS is so much fun when you join a club or activity that you are passionate about.
I am currently enrolled at McDowell High School. The teachers and staff are very friendly and welcoming and the academics are well put together all around. The school lunches have the potential to be much better but aren't terrible. One thing i must complain about is the facilities. They are often unclean and or broken. But, all in all McDowell is a pretty nice school.
Attending McDowell High School changed me in so many ways. I came from a small, Catholic middle school to a fairly large, public high school. This change was made so much easier by the kind and helpful guidance counselors and teachers. I have grown so much as a person because of my high school experience. I enjoyed taking AP classes and working hard. I do wish the transition from my middle school math classes into my mathematics classes had been smoother. Overall, I am content with my decision to attend McDowell and the person it made me.
McDowell taught me so much! I had so much fun, was given so many opportunities, and the large size of the school was beneficial.
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McDowell has been okay for me. could have been a lot better. I have had many bad and many good experiences. The clubs and activities are outstanding. some teachers were amazing but others were not so good. The athletics and school spirit were pretty good. I think they definitely do what they can to keep you safe at McDowell but there are some things like bullying they really need to focus on. overall it is a pretty good school though. I would definitely say McDowell is one of the better schools in Erie area and definitely go there over the city schools.
More awareness of student safety on campus. More nutrious lunch options. Better communication between Hime and school. Accountability for students and staff who create a culture of criticism and cutting each other down.
Prepared me for college, but not a friendly atmosphere among the students. Teachers will helpful, but not vigilant regarding bullying apparent in the study body.
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