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My school is hard to explain. We have some amazing staff; our principle goes out of her way to help students with personal and academic issues and to plan school events. The way the duel enrolment works is complicated at times because we have to coordinate events and classes with McDowell Tech and with the college teachers it is win some loose some on involvement and caring. Overall the school is a great money saving opportunity.
I thoroughly enjoy how everyone at McDowell Early College is grown really close (if it's through Summer Bridge, to school activities). However, I do not like how disorganized we are when it comes to the events. At times, we can be very unorganized and no one will know what's going on.
I like how close everyone becomes with each other and how reliable people are. I would change how prepared we are and hope that we would come more planned and prepared.
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Every teacher is there to help you and give you support. They give low-middle class families the chance to get a college degree in addition to their high-school diploma. I couldn't ask for a better school!
I take online classes through McDowell Early College although I attend high school at Nebo Crossing Academy. Because of this I have the opportunity to graduate with an Associate's Degree.
I love my school we are the best in the area, and we get so well prepared for college. WE only have 3 sports teams, so that could be better but we have many clubs. Our food is gross, but our teachers are the best its the best of bth worlds I guess.
I like McDowell Early College. Some of the teachers are amazing and many opportunities are given that aren't normally given in our county. The Early College is always changing and trying to be better.
My favorite thing about McDowell Early College was that it gave me the opportunity to earn an associates degree as well as a high school diploma. They provided actual college experience early on to better prepare us for our future at a university. I would, however, like to see a variety of new courses added to our curriculum with varying degree of rigor.
It's alright overall. There are definitely a few things that need changing, but it's a great alternative to students who don't want to go to McDowell High School and would like to receive a degree in the process. McDowell Tech Community College isn't the best college, but it's a start.
it is located in McDowell so it is not the best school to attend but it far out weighs the other option of attending the high school and you get a 2 year degree.
Even though it is located in McDowell county, it is one of the bests schools around guaranteed.
Bully policies are not very strong.
We have no PTA program.
The teachers are so involved and helpful!
This school is great in comparison to McDowell High School yet it lacks academic rigor, structure, and organization. Although McDowell Early College is providing first generation college students with a free education, the general ed that these high school students are completing is nowhere near the acedemic challenge of most colleges and universities. I believe that this school is certainly inferior with other early colleges, International Baccalaureate schools, high school honors/ap programs, or even some regular high school classes. However, the fact that McDowell Early College has rising enrollment rates in a town with immense poverty shows a desire for education, which is a step in the right direction.
Time was made for clubs on Fridays, they were treated like classes so funding wasn't really an issue.
All the warnings the teachers gave are true, college is a totally different ball game.
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I ate in the café or brought my lunch so lunch for me was great.
Mrs. Robinson is very firm in how she implements.
MEC doesn't have a sports team other than basketball. We don't have any fields or gymnasiums we go to local schools to practice.
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