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The theatre and singing groups allowed me to grow and also make new friends. My teachers challenged me. The academics are strong, as are sports.
Wonderful experience. McDonogh is one of the warmest, most welcoming environments. It seems as though all students are involved in most if not all aspects of the school, whether it be sports, arts, and/or academics!

Supportive teachers who will work with you to understand concepts.

It's not a perfect community, but it is definitely a loving one that has lots of opportunity.
After all of the construction was complete, McDonogh's new buildings gave me a fresh eye for the campus. I've been there since kindergarten and heading into my senior year. Its a great school and a wonderful second home.
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This school offers you so many experiences outside of getting a good education. It really prepares you for life and how to get all that life has to offer.
I came to McDonogh in 9th grade and graduated '18.

I made amazing relationships with many teachers. They are available for help before school and/or after school. There is also a peer tutoring program.


The AP STEM classes do not vary from public school. However, McDonogh does not push the math classes in K-8. If your child is interested in STEM, you need to make sure they are on track for BC Calc senior year (and AP Physics C for engineering).

Boarding Program:
It was a great way to make friends and feel like part of the community. The facilities are nice, and the food is better than most schools.

Social Scene:
It is harder to make friends if you are new and do not play intense sports. McDonogh has cliques, but they end up mixing, especially senior year. Overall, I have made amazing friends at McDonogh.
Mcd brings in athletic/ academic talent vs. develop from their K-8. They are then able to list the colleges of recruited stand outs in brochures . They talk about their moral compass while making sure they win in every possible catagory by displacing long standing students with recruits. It isn’t normal to win all of the last 100 or so games in any sport?! Athletes are given some pass on behavior. Not truly diverse, unless diverse students show athletic or academic success prior to being at Mcdonogh. Parents concerns are disregarded and not welcome, punishments are often over reaching. No student academic support program or center. After 13 years at Mcd it isn’t uncommon for admin or athletics to have no idea who your kid is, as emphasis is on the recruits winning and shining academically. Mcd doesn’t grow talent, they buy it and you might be the paying for it if you are not on scholarship b/c of academics, athletics or the best yet...because your parents work there!
Good education with a few flaws. Too much emphasis on sports. Too much emphasis on liberal ideals to the point of alienating others with alternative views. Students rather clique-y rather than inclusive. Administration routinely unresponsive to parent concerns and needs for their children. And, of course, getting very expensive. Did I mention the cafeteria has taken a "healthy" approach which means children don't like what is being served as much.
I have never seen a more inclusive and helpful set of teachers and administrators at a school. McDonogh also has a robust college counseling office, making the process so much easier than if I were to do it alone. We also have a focus on group oriented activities, making us actually learn the material than just memorizing facts. The school could be a bit more diverse, being that most students are white, but the teaching staff is a lot more diverse.
Been here since 3rd grade and have appreciated every minute. The people are great and the teachers are amazing. We really are a community.
McDonogh is the best thing to ever happen to me and I have loved every second of my experience. McD is more than just a school, it’s a community of people that genuinely care about each other. The academics here are very rigorous with top-notch teachers and the course options are very diverse. Even though the courses are hard, my teachers want me to succeed and will help me on a personal level to do so. The teachers and administrators know me as an individual, too. There is a strong commitment to character education here, too. With regards to extracurriculars, McD has something for everyone. I have challenged myself in many new areas that I never thought I would. McD has sent me around the country to go to events to further my development. The athletics are elite, but there is a team for everyone. The campus is by far the nicest campus I know of and all the facilities are world-class. I highly recommend McD to anyone, you’ll truly feel at home and will graduate ready for anything.
I have been at McDonogh school since kindergarten and I love it! The community is great and easy to talk to. They have a wide variety of academic and athletic options!
Overall it's a very good school that prepares students very well for life ahead and college. However, the biggest problem that the school has is its massive and inescapable liberal bias. The administration and majority of teachers show this bias every opportunity they have and it is hard for conservative students to voice their opinions.
I went here all 14 years and I loved them. It's a very jock heavy school but that doesn't mean us non-jocks won't find our place. The teachers actually care about you and will let up on coursework if it's too much. It isn't perfect by any stretch but you would be hard-pressed to find a 100% perfect school anywhere. Whatever McDonogh's short giving are, they pale in comparison to the positive aspects.
I loved my mcdonogh experience, the only thing i would change is the attitude of some of the students who attend. Many have not been educated on politics and understanding cultures other than their own, mostly white culture. if there was better dialogue about diversity not only within mcdonoghs campus but the importance of understanding diversity in life, that would make it so much better.
I graduated from McDonogh in 2007 after attending since the 3rd grade. I still thank my parents for sending me here. My favorite part about McDonogh was the amazing music program! I participated in concert band as a percussionist and in percussion ensemble. I went on to continue playing/creating/recording music as my career. Pete Hengen (Band Teacher/Conductor) and Wayne Hudson (Percussion Ensemble Teacher) were so inspiring, caring, thoughtful, and supportive... I can't thank them enough; I still use things they (and every other teacher I had) taught me, every day!

I learned so many valuable lessons here, and I was exposed and experienced so many things (i.e. Going on the German Exchange, etc.); If you are looking for a private school for your kids, I couldn't think of anywhere better!! This is a school providing the best of everything, hands down the greatest school in Maryland... my kids will surely be attending.
McDonogh is an absolutely amazing community with strong academics, athletics, and arts programs. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to be challenged beyond the typical high school experience.
I started at McDonogh School in the eighth grade and I can not exaggerate how it has changed my life. McDonogh has not only given me the best education I can imagine, but has developed my character as well. The teachers are engaged, supportive, and genuinely caring both in and out of the classroom. The school is challenging but they stress integrity above all else. Many of my friends who have come back from college say that their freshman year was easy compared to McDonogh, not just because of McDonogh's academic rigor, but because every student graduates from McDonogh with a moral compass and the knowledge of how they want to show up in the world. Furthermore, the community is small enough to be tight knit and supportive, but big enough that there is a place for everyone. My experience in the upperschool has been free of cliques and I have close friends with varying interests. I can not recommend McDonogh higher and I wish I had more than one year left!
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I'd say most of the teachers are amazing. Especially the ones in the english department. Schedules are flexible (in high school) depending on what the students wants to do. The food is pretty good, and there are a lot of options.
I went to this school for 9 years. The first five years were great, the teachers were nice and the activities were interesting. As you enter higher grades things change. If you aren't a rich pretty kid you will probably feel left out. My grade was very divided, there were the pretty white girls in a clique, the athletic boys, and the others. The races were divided into groups too. This school talks a lot about the moral compas, but it doesn't show through all their students. Also this school is a sports school. If you don't play a sport, or you don't get perfect grades you are overlooked.
Tons of extracurriculars are available